Ringier Media Switzerland: Consultation process reduces job cuts

Following completion of the consultation process, the number of jobs to be cut will be reduced from 75 to 55. A social plan will be implemented for the affected employees.

On January 9, 2024, the Executive Board of Ringier Media Switzerland (RMS) announced the planned reduction of a total of 75 jobs and launched the consultation process. In the following two weeks, the two staff committees of Ringier AG and Ringier Magazine AG (formerly Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG) as well as all employees had the opportunity to submit proposals to avoid, reduce or mitigate the planned redundancies.

Over the past few days, RMS management has thoroughly reviewed the proposals and evaluated their feasibility. Through measures such as workload reduction, elimination of vacant positions and organizational adjustments, the planned reduction was reduced by 20 positions. A total of 55 redundancies have been announced, evenly distributed between employees of Ringier AG and Ringier Magazine AG. This includes 14 positions for employees who have offered to leave the company, as well as early retirements.

Ladina Heimgartner, CEO Ringier Media Switzerland: “Thanks to the intensive efforts of the staff committees and the constructive suggestions of many colleagues, we were able to significantly reduce the number of job cuts – I am pleased and grateful for this. At the same time, I very much regret that 55 colleagues will lose their jobs and leave the company.”

The social plan of Ringier AG will apply to all affected employees.

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