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Environment & Social Responsibility

Aware of its responsibility to society, Ringier pursues its economic goals with consideration for the environment and its fellow human beings and actively contributes to the community. Ringier strives to continuously reduce its own environmental impact and is involved in foundations for its social and cultural environment. The focus is on the education and welfare of disadvantaged children abroad and the development and promotion of young media professionals in Switzerland.


Hans Ringier Foundation

Ringier is committed to the promotion and further development of Swiss journalism through its own Swiss-based Hans Ringier Foundation. The foundation is home to the Ringier School of Journalism, which has been training aspiring media professionals in all journalistic disciplines since 1974. And every year the foundation awards its European Prize for Political Culture, which is worth EUR 50,000. School of Journalism Website

Ringier Romania Foundation

The Ringier Romania Foundation was established in 2008. Its Ringier Chair project has given over 100 children the opportunity to attend school. In Iași the foundation finances the media laboratory of the University of Journalism, and has also equipped the Sfantu Luca retirement home. Since 2012 the foundation’s main focus has been on severely sick children in need of medical care. Some 250 children have been helped to date. Ringier Romania Foundation Website

Dariu Foundation

Ringier has been supporting the Dariu Foundation, which provides access to education for children from disadvantaged families in Vietnam, Myanmar and India, since its inception in 2002. The children assisted, half of whom are always girls, learn digital skills, and the 3,000 most talented among them are given additional support. To date, one million people have been helped and more than 22,000 have received scholarships. Dariu Foundation Website

Smiling Gecko

Smiling Gecko, which was founded by Swiss photographer Hannes Schmid in 2014, is a unique development project in rural Cambodia. The cluster project in the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism, handicrafts, vocational training and schooling helps families out of poverty by providing work in sustainable projects for parents and education for their children. Ringier supports the organisation with donations. Smiling Gecko Website


Ringier AG strives to continuously reduce its own environmental impact. Environmental management is systematically recorded at Ringier – an important prerequisite for reviewing our environmental balance sheet and steering potential measures. Since 2010, the entire press building on Dufourstrasse has been cooled and heated with lake water from Lake Zurich. This has enabled Ringier to save around 70 tonnes of CO2 annually.