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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct supports us in our daily engagement by defining our basic values and the binding rules of behaviour that guide our actions. In this way we establish our credibility – as an employer, business partner, competitor and as a responsible contributor to society. We value every contribution that helps us act transparently, fairly and independently in a joint effort as a considerate and successful company.

Entrepreneurship, courage and agility are part of Ringier's DNA. In doing so, we adhere to our high ethical standards as well as to applicable law and legislation. Our Code of Conduct defines the framework within which we act as employees of the Ringier Group to comply with laws and internal policies.

The Code of Conduct guides us in putting our values and commitments into practice - throughout the company and in everything we do. By complying with our Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations, we can continue to assert ourselves as a leading, digitised and diversified media company that is trusted by its customers, investors, employees, society and all other stakeholders.

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