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Diversity and Inclusion

Ringier is convinced that diversity is an opportunity and creates a working environment in which people bring new, valuable perspectives through their individual skills and life experiences. For Ringier, diversity means that the employees reflect the versatility of society. Inclusion is achieved when all employees feel treated equally and valued. In order to live up to these core values, Ringier has set up the Diversity & Inclusion Board. One important measure, for example, is the extended parental leave, which at Ringier goes beyond the legal minimum.

Reconciliation of work and family life

Reconciling work and family is a major concern for Ringier: When a child is born, Ringier offers maternity leave that exceeds the legal minimum of 16 weeks with 100% continued pay. New fathers are entitled to 20 working days of paid paternity leave. The statutory benefits (2 weeks) of the income replacement regulation are supplemented by the employer to 100% and an additional ten working days are granted. This is supplemented by a wide range of generous childcare support services.