DOMO 1 / 2023


Happy Birthday DOMO! Having adapted to modern times again and again, our corporate magazine turns 50 and has accompanied the company and all employees through exciting times. We are looking back at five decades with historical covers and anecdotes from times gone by.

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6 – 11: «Some stories simply need to be told»

Mexican journalists live dangerously. At least eleven media representatives were killed in 2022. On a trip through Mexico, Barbara Halter talked to three female journalists about what their everyday lives look like, and why they keep going.

20 & 27: The Salvation

In the early 1970s, the family-owned Ringier company was in trouble. Fibo Deutsch explains how things took a turn for the better and why the in-house journal «Pro Domo», as today’s DOMO was formerly called, was launched.

21 – 26: Child of the Seventies

To mark our 50th anniversary, we are traveling through time: Six front pages from five decades show how the in-house journal «Pro Domo» updated itself time and again before evolving into today’s corporate magazine DOMO.

28 – 29: Peak performance under extreme conditions

They’re from Ukraine, they’re highly qualified and have lots of experience with IT projects. While they were developing the new online portal Gryps, the unthinkable happened: The war began. A female software engineer and three IT specialists look back and tell us what the situation is today.

34: Sleuths of the times

Publisher Michael Ringier tells us how crime series, their investigators and protagonists keep up with the times, reflecting social changes.


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