DOMO 2 / 2023


How do visually impaired people read or solve Sudoku puzzles? How are Braille texts proofread and produced? Find out in our report about the Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Reading Disabled SBS.

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6 – 11: Dot by dot, Sound by Sound

A blind proofreader, a printing press for Braille, a professional voice-over artist who records audio versions of books and magazines: Welcome to the fascinating world of the Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Reading Disabled (SBS) in Zurich.

12 – 13: «Interest makes magic happen»

As diverse as the various Ringier companies are, a common vision is meant to unite them all: «We create interest in the world around you – and beyond.» Frank Dopheide from the agency human unlimited supported Ringier in the development of its Purpose and explains why it is more than a phrase.

24 – 25: A sporting feat!

Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG) was founded a year ago and has already established a presence in seven countries with nine brands. Daniel Riedel interviewed Chairman of the Board Robin Lingg about the secret behind this sporting feat.

28 – 29: «Blikk is my second home»

In his 30 years with Ringier Hungary, Attila Fekete has designed more than 6,000 Blikk covers. The art director tells us which covers he will always remember and what it is about his job that excites him to this day. 

30: Choose your truth

Publisher Michael Ringier reflects on a sloppy approach to facts and contorted conclusions in Swiss journalism.


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