Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation for competitions of Ringier AG

Ringier AG offers various competitions itself or in collaboration with cooperation partners. Depending on the competition, the competition operator may be Ringier AG itself or one or more of the cooperation partners directly. In the following, the party responsible for running a competition is referred to as the “competition operator”. Participation in such competitions and their implementation are governed by the following provisions.

§1 Competitions

(1) The competitions are organised by Ringier AG or in cooperation with various partners of Ringier AG.

(2) The competitions can be participated in by phone call, SMS or free entry or in accordance with the procedure described for the respective competition.

(3) Certain competitions require registration or log-in to OneLog and are subject to OneLog’s General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in addition to these conditions of participation. Whether registration with OneLog is required will be indicated at the appropriate place. OneLog is a free registration and log-in service for the use of digital offers from media companies in Switzerland, which is operated by OneLog AG, Zurich.

(4) Certain competitions are part of a periodic prize draw (e.g. annual, quarterly, monthly prize draw, etc.). In the case of competitions that provide for an annual draw, the draw will be held by December 31 of the current calendar year. All other draw dates are published in the competition announcement and can also be requested free of charge from the competition operator.

(5) In certain competitions, the participant must take part in a quiz or prediction game in order to take part in the prize draw.

§2 Eligibility to participate

(1) Unless otherwise stated, all persons over the age of 16 are eligible to participate.

(2) In order to participate in the competitions, it is necessary that all personal details indicated are true.

(3) Participants must be resident in Switzerland. Participants from abroad are not eligible to participate.

(4) Employees and their relatives of Ringier AG as well as of subsidiaries and cooperation partners are excluded from the competitions.

§3 Exclusion from the competitions

(1) In the event of a breach of the conditions of participation, the competition operator reserves the right to exclude the relevant persons from the competition.

(2) All persons who make use of unauthorized aids or otherwise gain advantages through manipulation will be excluded from participation. In such cases, prizes may also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

§4 Implementation and handling of competitions

(1) The technical implementation of the competitions is the responsibility of the competition operator. The competitions are based on a random draw. The conditions of the draw are the sole responsibility of the competition operator.

(2) The entry deadline is specified in the respective competition. The electronically logged receipt or, in the case of talons, the date of the postmark is used to check compliance with the entry deadline.

(3) The terms of delivery of the prizes shall be determined by the competition operator and its cooperation partners and announced in the competition announcement.

(4) The winners will be notified by the competition operator or its cooperation partners.

(5) The competition operator and Ringier AG (if Ringier AG is not the competition operator) reserve the right to publish the name, nickname (depending on the competition), place of residence, a picture or icon and the age of the winner by name and in pictures on the Internet, print media, TV or on social media channels. In the case of prediction games, the competition operator may publish a ranking list in which the nicknames and pictures or icons of the participants are published. The winner expressly agrees to this form of publication and warrants to the competition operator that he/she owns all rights to the images or icons uploaded by him/her.

(6) The competition operator or Ringier AG (if Ringier AG is not the competition operator) is entitled to transmit all the winner’s data to the cooperation partners in order to enable delivery of the prize.

(7) All cash prizes will be sent to the winner by bank transfer. With the transfer of the cash prize, the competition operator is released from its obligation to perform. If a payment cannot be made for reasons for which the prize draw operator is not responsible, the prize and all claims against the prize draw operator shall be forfeited.

(8) In some cases, the prize must be collected by the winner themselves, particularly in the case of large non-cash prizes (e.g. cars, TV sets, etc.). In such cases, the winner will be informed of the retailer responsible for delivering the prize. If the winner does not collect the prize from the responsible retailer within a certain period of time, the prize and the claim against the competition operator will be forfeited. The winner will be informed of the collection deadline in good time. All costs incurred in connection with the collection, as well as all other consequential costs (taxes, fuel, repairs, insurance, etc.) and any transportation damage (from the collection point) shall be borne by the winner.

(9) In the case of travel prizes, the entire prize may be handled by a tour operator. The tour operator will contact the winner as soon as it has received all the data from the competition operator. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the winner must start and complete the trip on the date set by the tour operator. If the winner does not meet this deadline, he/she is no longer entitled to the prize and the claim against the prize draw operator expires. As soon as the winner confirms the trip, he/she is subject to the travel conditions of the tour operator. Travel to and from the starting point of the trip (e.g. airport, train station, etc.), as well as any subsequent costs, shall be borne by the winner. Furthermore, the winner shall also bear all private costs (minibar, telephone, insurance, etc.) incurred during the trip.

(10) The redemption of a prize may be subject to certain restrictions due to Corona (SARS-CoV-2 ) (short-term cancellation, postponement, etc.). In particular, organizers may also require the presentation of a Covid certificate and refuse entry if the Covid certificate is missing or invalid. The winner is not entitled to compensation or cash payment of the prize due to Corona-related restrictions or if the entry requirements are not met.

(11) Cash payments or substitution of prizes are not possible. A claim to a prize cannot be transferred to another person. If events are cancelled or companies are liquidated, the prizes are forfeited without entitlement.

(12) The prize will be forfeited if the winner does not respond to the prize notification within a reasonable period of time (maximum 48 hours).

(13) The prizes are personal and the competition operator reserves the right to issue a warning to the winners concerned in the event of suspected non-compliance, and the prizes will be forfeited. Furthermore, the competition operator reserves the right to exclude the persons concerned from participating in future Ringier AG competitions.

(14) The sale of any prizes won in competitions or prize draws is prohibited.

§5 Payout of prices

(1) For cash prizes and vouchers worth CHF 1,001 or more, the competition operator will deduct 35% of the prize (withholding tax) before transferring it to the winner. The competition operator will send the winner a confirmation of the withholding tax reclaim, which must be enclosed with the personal tax return. The winner is obliged to declare winnings of CHF 1,001 or more in his/her personal tax return.

(2) In the case of prizes in kind (such as vouchers, cars, etc.) of CHF 1,001 or more, the winner must send the competition operator a confirmation of residence, which the winner must obtain at its own expense from the relevant authority. The prize cannot be handed over to the winner before the confirmation of residence has been sent. If the confirmation of residence is not submitted within the deadline (within a maximum of 10 working days), the prize will be forfeited without entitlement to compensation. The winner is obliged to declare any winnings in kind of CHF 1,001 or more in his/her personal tax return.

§6 Early termination of the competition

The competition operator reserves the right to cancel or terminate any competition at any time and without prior notice. The competition operator will exercise this right in particular if the proper running of the competition can no longer be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. If such a termination of the competition is caused by the behaviour of a participant, the competition operator may demand that this person compensate the competition operator for any damages incurred.

§7 Data protection

(1) The participant automatically “registers” for a competition by disclosing his/her mobile number for participations by SMS, his/her telephone number for participations by telephone, or the required data for participations free of charge. By registering, the participant agrees that the competition operator may store all data for the duration of the competition and beyond.

(2) The competition operator undertakes to comply with data protection legislation with regard to the registered data of the participants. The participants’ data will be treated confidentially. The data collected may be used by the competition operator, its subsidiaries and the cooperation partners of the relevant competition for market research, marketing and advertising purposes.

(3) By participating in a competition, the participant expressly consents to receiving promotional messages from the competition operator, its subsidiaries or cooperation partners for an indefinite period of time (by post and telephone). The participant can immediately stop the sending of advertising messages at any time and free of charge by notifying the competition operator or its cooperation partners (by telephone, email, post, etc.).

(4) The participant hereby agrees that his/her name, nickname, place of residence, a picture or icon uploaded by him/her and his/her age may be published in the context of a competition in accordance with § 4 (5).

(5) The detailed privacy policy and further information on the handling of personal data can be found here. With regard to OneLog, the privacy policy of OneLog also applies.

§8 Liability

(1) The competition operator is released from all obligations with the handing over respectively the mailing of the prize to the winner. The competition operator shall not be liable for losses, delays or damage to the prize in transit or during transportation caused by circumstances beyond its control. The competition operator is not liable for legal and/or material defects in the prize.

(2) The winners will be announced without guarantee.

(3) No liability is accepted for lost, damaged, misdirected, incorrect or delayed applications for participation, or for any technical difficulties that could affect the final result of the competition or participation.

(4) In connection with events, the competition operator is not liable for restrictions due to Corona (SARS-CoV-2 ) (such as short-term cancellations or postponements) or if the winner does not meet the entry requirements (such as the absence of a valid Covid certificate).

§9 Additional provisions for competitions via Meta and LinkedIn

(1) In the case of competitions via the Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram or via LinkedIn (hereinafter each “Platform”), for example, the respective competition is in no way connected to the respective Platform and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by the respective Platform. All questions, comments or complaints about the competition should be directed to the competition operator. The competition operator shall indemnify the respective Platform against third-party claims in connection with the competition/raffle.

(2) Prizes, entry rules and closing date are explained in the respective post or on the landing page. The winners will be contacted – depending on the competition and rules of participation – via the respective Platform or email and asked to send their contact details to the competition operator via PN or email (if not yet available).

§10 Varia

(1) Legal recourse is excluded.

(2) No correspondence will be entered into.

(3) The winner is responsible for all costs, taxes, and fees associated with winning a prize.

(4) These conditions of participation are exclusively subject to substantive Swiss law.

(5) Should individual provisions of these conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.

(6) The terms and conditions may be changed at any time by the competition operator without separate notification.

(7) The German version of these conditions of participation shall take precedence over this English translation.

Date: February 28, 2024


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