Two on one ticket: Ticketcorner and Starticket are establishing a joint Swiss ticketing group

Ticketcorner and Starticket are entering a partnership and will establish a joint Swiss ticketing group. Ticketcorner Holding AG, held by the CTS Eventim Group and Ringier in equal shares, will have a 75 percent interest, while Tamedia will have a 25 percent interest in the new company.

According to agreements signed by the managements of Ticketcorner Holding and Tamedia in Zurich today, Ticketcorner and Starticket will jointly act in the market and offer their services together in the future. The merger is subject to the approval of the Swiss Federal Competition Commission and scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2017 after approval has been granted.

The merger between Ticketcorner and Starticket creates a ticketing group that casts a wide net of innovative services, high-performance platforms, mobile apps and scanning options for event customers. By taking this step, Ticketcorner and Starticket respond to the increasingly intensive competition in the ticketing business due to international providers, fast technical developments and the growing importance of direct sales.

International network with roots in Switzerland

With CTS Eventim, a large ticketing company in Europe, as a partner, Ticketcorner and Starticket will benefit from innovative ticketing choices and an ongoing know-how, innovation and technology transfer. The new company’s Swiss roots are provided by the Swiss media companies Ringier and Tamedia. Andreas Angehrn, the current CEO of Ticketcorner, will be at the helm of the joint ticketing group.

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA: “With the merger between Ticketcorner and Starticket, event ticketing in Switzerland will enter a new dimension and result in a variety of synergies for the benefit of both event organizers and ticket buyers. Together with our new partners at Tamedia and Ringier, our co-investor for many years, we are able to contribute an interesting combination of assets to the new business.”

Marc Walder, CEO of Ringier: “The merger between Ticketcorner and Starticket reflects that ticketing – like many other industries – is facing enormous challenges. Digitalization, new technologies and distribution systems are radically changing this market.”

Christoph Tonini, CEO of Tamedia: “With the alliance of Ticketcorner and Starticket our event customers will benefit from more extensive coverage and our ticket customers will enjoy a greater variety of events. We look forward to working with Ringier and CTS Eventim.”

Ticketcorner AG, via Ticketcorner Holding AG, is currently held in equal shares by the CTS Eventim Group and the Ringier media company. Starticket is part of the Tamedia media group. Ticketcorner Holding AG, which is held by the CTS Eventim Group and Ringier in equal shares, will have a 75 percent interest and Tamedia a 25 percent interest in the new Ticketcorner AG. The parties have agreed not to disclose any details of the transaction.