Time out for Blick editor-in-chief Christian Dorer

The management of the Ringier Group has decided, in agreement with the editor-in-chief of the Blick Group, Christian Dorer, that Christian Dorer will take a six-month time out starting next Monday, 13 March. The reason for this is that there are indications and reports that Christian Dorer has violated the Code of Conduct of Ringier AG. There are allegations of preferential treatment of a certain group of employees and insufficiently clear differentiation between private and business life. Ringier will investigate these reports and observations, fully clarify and process them.

Christian Dorer, editor-in-chief Blick Group: “For me, the well-being of the Blick Group and its employees has always been and will always be at the centre. If I have unintentionally harmed the well-being of the group or individuals through my actions, I regret this beyond all measure. It is my concern that the matter be clarified. My absence will facilitate the clarification, so this time out is also in my sense – although the step is enormously difficult for me.”

Christian Dorer will remain formally editor-in-chief of the Blick Group for the duration of the absence, but will not exercise his office either journalistically or administratively. Journalistic responsibility will be handed over on an interim basis to Steffi Buchli (editor-in-chief Blick Sport) and Andreas Dietrich (editor-in-chief Blick) as co-leaders. All other management tasks will be taken over by Ladina Heimgartner as CEO and Roman Sigrist as COO of the Blick Group on an interim basis.

Ladina Heimgartner, CEO Blick-Group and Head Global Media Unit: “The topic of ‘corporate culture’ will be an absolute focus in the coming weeks and months. In the course of a ‘culture audit’, with the help of external experts, we will examine in detail how the corporate culture within the Blick Group stands and introduce measures that will further promote a healthy and open corporate culture and anchor it in the long term.”

Whether Christian Dorer will return as editor-in-chief of the Blick Group after his time out will be decided together with Christian Dorer in due course.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications