The new Blick – a strong newspaper, even stronger as a platform with the new free Blick am Abend evening paper

The new Blick will be available starting tomorrow as a 56-page, single-section newspaper with two front pages. Under the roof of the strongest media brand in Switzerland, the re-launch of the Blick daily newspaper is accompanied by new products and services to create a unique media platform based on a number of established classic and new forward-looking channels. In addition to radio and television programs, the Blick Group will also launch a free evening edition (Blick am Abend) to kick off Euro 08. The new publication will replace heute.

After an extensive re-launch, Blick, the best selling daily newspaper in Switzerland for decades, has a new fresh look. It has also grown in size. Blick averages 56 pages and now appears as a single-section paper, but with two front pages: viewed vertically, it turns into the only sports paper in Switzerland.

The new Blick is newspaper and magazine in one. It tells stories in text, photographs and illustrations. It informs and expresses feelings. It features the best pictures and a daily article about various aspects of life. It offers entertainment in the people section and plenty of practical advice in the life section. To sum it up: Blick is very close to its readers. New and innovative columns have been added to long-established, unmistakable elements: “Page 3 girl” and “Blick-Käfer” are back.

New distribution and brand strategy – now with free evening paper

Starting immediately, Blick will be available hot off the press at the breakfast table: The paper will be delivered to subscribers in the major urban centers in Switzerland as early as between 5 and 6:30 in the morning. Blick is now also sold in 230 additional newspaper boxes.

The re-launch of the Blick daily goes hand-in-hand with the strategic expansion of the Blick media platform. In addition to the Blick daily newspaper, this includes SonntagsBlick, the Sunday paper with the highest circulation and widest coverage, and Blick.ch, the most visited website offering a daily web TV program, and three web radio stations.

To kick off Euro 08 in June, the Blick media platform will be enhanced by an evening newspaper (working title: Blick am Abend). The new free evening paper will incorporate all effective and successful elements of the reader market of heute and at the same time replace this publication. The new paper will be produced by the current heute team.

This unmatched Blick media platform already offers new and exciting products and numerous benefits to readers, users and advertising customers. Additional synergies, generated by the expansion of existing media and the creation of additional channels are expected to widen the lead of the most powerful media platform in Switzerland.

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