Swissprinters AG: Printing operations to be discontinued, number of layoffs reduced

After the consultation process, the decision has been taken: Swissprinters will cease printing operations by the end of September 2024. The announced loss of 144 jobs has been reduced to 96, mainly through early retirements. A social plan will be implemented for all those affected.

Following the conclusion of the two and a half week consultation process and the evaluation of all proposals received, it is certain that Swissprinters, a subsidiary of Ringier (70 percent) and NZZ (30 percent), will cease printing operations on September 30, 2024 due to a constant decline in order revenues and a difficult economic outlook for the future. Through early retirements and continued employment with Ringier, the announced loss of 144 jobs can be reduced to 96 layoffs. A social plan will be implemented for the employees affected.

Alexander Theobald, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Swissprinters: “I would like to thank our employees and all those involved for their constructive contributions and their cooperation during the consultation process – especially our employee delegate for his commitment during this challenging time. We have been able to ensure that fewer layoffs than originally planned will have to be announced. We will continue to do everything we can to find the best possible solutions with the employees affected.”

Follow-up solutions for customers and unchanged tenancies

Swissprinters is contacting customers and other printers in a timely manner to find follow-up solutions, preferably in Switzerland. A tender is being prepared for the Ringier and NZZ Group magazines, inviting both Swiss and foreign printing companies. Alexander Theobald: “We hope to place as many orders as possible in Switzerland.” 

The tenants of Swissprinters’ offices will not be affected by the discontinuation of printing operations – their contractual relationships will remain unchanged.

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