Statement: Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG) addresses Gazeta Sporturilor editor-in-chief departure in ongoing discussions in the Romanian media 

Following the recent announcement on October 3 regarding the departure of Gazeta Sporturilor's Editor-in-Chief, Catalin Tepelin, Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG), the parent company of Gazeta Sporturilor, would like to provide further clarification on the matter.

The parting of the ways with Catalin Tepelin was the culmination of strategic and operational differences that had been building up for some time. Both parties have come to a mutual decision, which has been formalized in a termination agreement signed by both parties. 

We understand that this development, especially in the midst of a challenging year for Ringier Romania, came as a surprise to many of Tepelin’s colleagues. Many of these colleagues have enjoyed a long and rewarding partnership with him at GSP.

We also recognize that the timing of this decision, in the context of ongoing discussions about editorial freedom and independence, may lead to misunderstandings. 

However, it’s important to emphasize that these two issues are not related. RSMG’s management has consistently stated that the decision regarding Catalin Tepelin is a purely managerial and operational one. 

In this context, we would like to reiterate our full confidence in Catalin Tolontan’s role as coordinator of the GSP and Libertatea newsrooms. This includes the authority to determine the future editor-in-chief of GSP. However, Tolontan has chosen not to accept this particular responsibility.

For more than 190 years in more than 20 countries, Ringier Group’s media brands have been pillars of journalistic independence, integrity and reliability, including 30 years of unwavering service in Romania. 

In light of the current dialogues in Romania regarding this transition, we feel it is essential to underline this legacy.

The situation is of great concern to the management of both Ringier and RSMG. We are as concerned as many of our employees. We remain committed to finding the best solutions and are in constant and open communication with the leadership of both newsrooms. We firmly believe that a fact-based approach to journalism is paramount, and we do not support emotional narratives that depart from the truth.