Singapore’s Hello Health Group takes over the Marry Network from Ringier Vietnam

Ringier Vietnam has sold its Hanoi- and HCM-based Marry Network, a digital directory ecosystem created around parenting (Marrybaby.vn) and wedding (Marry.vn) verticals to Hello Health Group, the leading provider of consumer health information in Asia. The sales and purchase agreement has been signed on July, 19th 2019. In the future, Ringier Vietnam will concentrate entirely on the successful publishing cooperation with Elle, Elle Man and Elle Decoration and on its real estate marketplace muabannahadat.vn.

For Hello Health Group, the acquisition strengthens the group’s impact on these verticals, and organically complements its existing platforms. It also reinforces the group’s commitment towards adding value to its user-base and accelerating regional growth. For Ringier, Hello Health Group provides an ideal buyer with its strong experience in health and lifestyle content. It is well positioned to take the brands to the next level, while Ringier continues to focus on its other core businesses in Vietnam.

Hello Health Group is a leading health tech company focusing on the development of healthcare platforms throughout Emerging Asia. They are active in eight Asian markets: Hello Bacsi – Vietnam, Hello Sehat – Indonesia, Hello Sayarwon – Myanmar, Hello Doktor – Malaysia, Hello Khunmor – Thailand, Hello Krupet – Cambodia, Hello Yishi – Taiwan, Hello Swasthya – India. Hello Health is the only regional healthcare media network and leader in healthcare content and search. They help healthcare brands connect to a highly engaged audience across the region. Via their different platforms Hello Health creates meaningful consumer connections using deep audience insights, market intelligence, and knowledge of relevant local market healthcare trends.

Benjamin Gajkowski, Head of Ringier Asia and General Manager Ringier Vietnam: ‘With Hello Health Group we found an ideal successor that will retain a strong interest in the success of the Marry Network. Hello Health Group has a great track record as entrepreneur in Asia and is committed to keep up the work seamlessly with most of our teams and long-term partners. Ringier`s expertise and focus for the future lies in digital publishing and online marketplaces. Our strategic focus is on growth in the digital field. We believe in the future of journalism in the digital age and do consequently enlarge our profitable digital portfolio. We invest in online marketplaces and digital businesses, with synergies with our core competencies as a media company.’

James Miles-Lambert, CEO of Hello Health Group: ‘Our company´s mission to democratize access to healthcare by taking the world’s healthcare information and making it universally accessible and useful matches perfectly with the Marry Network´s approach. We are happy to include the Marry Network into our Hello Health Group platforms that inform, educate and engage over 32 million visitors each month. With our digital expertise, we will help the Marry Network to reach their target audience in the best possible way. Our acquisition of the Marry Network is testament to our continued commitment to building the largest healthcare platforms in the world. We are delighted by our progress to date and such will only be further fueled by our upcoming fundraising initiatives.’

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications

About Hello Health Group 

Hello Health Group is a leading health tech company focused on the development of leading Healthcare platforms through Emerging Asia. Founded in late 2015, Hello Health Group has 32 million monthly users in 8 Asian markets (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India) with 150+ employees. Hello Health Group’s mission is to democratize access to healthcare by taking the world’s healthcare information and making it universally accessible and useful. 

About Ringier Vietnam

Ringier Vietnam is headquartered in HCMC and has office in Hanoi. Ringier Vietnam has developed a truly diversified multi-media operation, publishing market-leading brands such as Elle, Elle Man, Elle Decoration and Muabannhadat.vn – Vietnam’s fastest growing online marketplace for buying and selling property.