Ringier releases „The Global Baby“, the second issue of the collection appazine series for iPad tablets

Ringier AG has published "The Global Baby", the second issue of the collection appazine developed exclusively for the iPad. "The Global Baby" covers the manifold challenges facing human reproduction today through incisive journalism, stunning photography and videos, as well as a vast array of gripping multi-media effects. The appazine covers international surrogacy by following a couple from Phoenix, Arizona, and their surrogate in the Indian city of Mumbai. For those who wish, the first chapter of "The Global Baby" is also available for free as a stand-alone app (in English).

“The Global Baby”, the second instalment of Ringier AG’s the collection appazine, its tablet-only magazine, is available worldwide for download on iPads in English, German and Mandarin. “The Global Baby” explores and demonstrates, with 3D animations, photography and videos, today’s possibilities for reproductive technologies – from in-vitro, to surrogacy, to embryo donation. The issue shows milestones in reproductive science and reveals surprising facts and figures. It follows the story of a couple from Arizona who fulfills their dream of parenthood by hiring a surrogate mother a continent away, in India.

As the age of first-time mothers continues to rise, and with it infertility levels, so has the public’s interest in reproductive technologies. Making use of the most media-rich and engaging applications for the iPad available today, “The Global Baby” takes aim at this engrossing and fascinating topic. Including a comprehensive historical, clinical and ethical survey of the state of reproductive technologies, “The Global Baby” offers a captivating and comprehensive look at issues confronting parenthood today – and tomorrow.

“The Global Baby” features in-depth commentary from the renowned Dr Jeffrey Steinberg, a leader in gender selection practice of The Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles, and a comprehensive global debate on the use of today’s reproductive technologies by experts from the US, Switzerland and India. Through extensive video material, over 200 photographs (including stunning pictures from inside the womb by award-winning Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson), interactive as well as animated infographics and maps, “The Global Baby” provides a unique user experience for iPad tablet users.

As Peter Hossli, Chief Editor of the collection notes: “Through incredibly powerful 3D photography, animation and sounds, partly in utero, “The Global Baby” manages to present a complex and controversial topic, sometimes with breathtaking beauty.”
“The Global Baby”, as well as previous issues of the collection (such as “Prince William – The Monarchy’s Great Hope”), is available for download in every App Store worldwide from within the collection’s bookcase app; it is also available as a stand-alone app in English, German and Mandarin. (Prices are country-specific. The price in the U.S. is USD 4.99).
Furthermore, in order to allow users to sample first-hand the amazing content of “The Global Baby”, a free English version of the app is available on the App Store where the first chapter is fully accessible at no charge.

This second issue is supported by the sponsoring partner Switzerland Tourism.

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