Ringier re-joins the association SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM) – Ringier media executive Ladina Heimgartner aims to become a member of the Executive Committee

After a seven-year hiatus, in May 2022 Ringier will officially become a member of the association SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM) again.

Ringier CEO Marc Walder explains the company’s move to re-join: «The Swiss media industry must face the challenges that lie ahead by joining forces. One of the most important initiatives is the introduction of an ancillary copyright law that regulates the usage of digital media by tech intermediaries.» He added, «Switzerland must remain competitive in its role as a media location, and the diversity that is so typical of and important to Switzerland must be preserved. This will require intensifying industry alliances and developing more solutions for the industry. In other words, great challenges lie ahead for the association SCHWEIZER MEDIEN. We’re pleased to now formally be part of this undertaking once again.»

Ladina Heimgartner, Head of Global Media and CEO of the Blick Group, aims to join the Executive Committee of the publisher’s association and has been put forward for election.

Due to differences surrounding the Admeira advertising alliance established by Ringier together with SRG and Swisscom, Ringier left the VSM in August 2015. Ringier’s return to the association had been announced at the Epiphany Congress or Dreikönigstagung in January 2020, but yet to be completed.

«Even if we were not formally a member, we have already been collaborating closely over the past two years,» Marc Walder commented.

The industry-wide Swiss Digital Alliance consists of CH Media, NZZ, Ringier, TX Group and the SRG. It also spawned the joint venture OneLog. Within the framework of the alliance and with a view to the vote on the media package in February of this year, Ringier and the VSM Executive Committee have been working hand in hand with the affiliated member companies.

“We are very pleased to see Ringier return to our association SCHWEIZER MEDIEN. It underlines the industry’s cohesion in shaping the fundamental framework for a Swiss media landscape that continues to be diverse,” explains Dr. Pietro Supino, President of the association SCHWEIZER MEDIEN as well as Chairman and Publisher of the TX Group.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications