Ringier nominates AI Advisory Board

Ringier AG is committed to the responsible use of artificial intelligence in its products and services. As an internationally active media and technology company, Ringier AG is at the forefront of the industry, implementing AI guidelines across all its products and areas.

To strengthen its expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, an AI Advisory Board staffed with international specialists will advise the Ringier Group in the future. The following individuals have been appointed:

  • Anna Mossberg: A digitalization and technology expert, as well as a board member at Ringier AG, Volvo Cars, Swedbank AB, Swisscom AG, and the globally active FMCG company Orkla ASA.
  • Prof. Damian Borth: Director of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of St. Gallen and Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML).
  • Dr. Léa Steinacker: An award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of ada learning. She holds a PhD in the social dimensions of artificial intelligent systems (AI) and is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.

The members of the AI Advisory Board will broaden the Ringier Group’s perspective on generative artificial intelligence, as well as support the exchange on general developments and trends around generative AI by leveraging their extensive international networks.

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG: “With Anna Mossberg, Dr. Léa Steinacker and Prof. Damian Borth, three internationally recognized experts will support the Ringier Group in an advisory capacity. With their global networks, they will also help us to forge interesting partnerships to expand Ringier’s presence and commitment in the field of artificial intelligence. Generative artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the media industry. I am eagerly anticipating the collaboration and regular exchanges.”

Already at the beginning of May, a cross-national, operational AI board headed by Petra Ehmann, Chief Innovation Officer Ringier AG and Patrick Rademacher, Chief Operations Officer Ringier Global Media Unit, started its work, whose task is to coordinate AI-related activities within the Ringier Group in all 19 countries. This committee, consisting of 16 members, ensures the internal exchange of knowledge regarding artificial intelligence, drives forward promising AI initiatives, and establishes relevant guidelines. The newly created AI Advisory Board, which meets up to three times a year, will support the operational AI Board in an advisory capacity.

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG: “We are convinced that we can further improve our products, services and processes through conscientious interaction between humans and machines, based on clear AI rules. Through the implementation of these rules, we are assuming responsibility for all our subsidiaries, aiming to harness the positive potential of AI while mitigating associated risks. In this way, Ringier ensures that AI is used transparently and in line with its values.”

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications

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