Ringier launches corporate iPad app

Ringier presents its digital calling card. Switzerland's largest internationally active media group can now be experienced on the iPad, in both German and English. With timelapse sequences, animated films, interviews, 360-degree video recordings, interactive panorama photos and hundreds of images and texts.

In eight chapters, this new app invites you to take a playful approach to discovering Switzerland’s largest internationally active media group. You can take a journey through decades of journalism, find out more about the Ringier School of Journalism, hear and see how unfolding events produce newspaper headlines, discover how Ringier established itself in Eastern Europe and why, for Ringier, sustainability begins in the forest.

The app will show you timelapse sequences from the Blick newsroom and a concert by Gölä, the popular Swiss rock musician. You can also navigate your way through interactive 360-degree images, find out the fundamental principles Ringier applies to all its businesses, or simply turn a 3D image of our planet around to hear greetings in the languages of all the countries in which Ringier operates.

Ringier’s new app will provide hours of entertainment and information with its videos and animations, timelapse sequences, 360-degree images, 3D models, hundreds of images and texts and overviews of the many companies comprising the three pillars on which the Ringier organization is built: Publishing, Entertainment and Digital.

Thanks to its 3D navigation and various alternate menu configurations, not to mention links to Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, plus an app guide, you’re unlikely to get lost in this app, which was produced by Ringier Studios in Zollikon and Saigon.

To experience Ringier, simply download this free app from iTunes onto your iPad:

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