Ringier introduces clear guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence

The leading private Swiss media and technology company is introducing Group-wide guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its 19 countries. With this, Ringier takes responsibility to transparently disclose the use of AI and to minimize the risks when dealing with AI.

A conscious approach to the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) is highly relevant, especially for a media company. That is why Ringier has decided to introduce guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence for all companies in the Group – which is represented in 19 countries. These will be continuously reviewed in the coming months and adjusted if necessary.

The Ringier guidelines for dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) include the following points:

  • The results generated by AI tools are always to be critically scrutinized and the information is to be verified, checked and supplemented using the company’s own judgment and expertise.
  • As a general rule, content generated by AI tools shall be labeled. Labeling is not required in cases where an AI tool is used only as an aid.
  • Our employees are not permitted to enter confidential information, trade secrets or personal data of journalistic sources, employees, customers or business partners or other natural persons into an AI tool.
  • Development codes will only be entered into an AI tool if the code neither constitutes a trade secret nor belongs to third parties and if no copyrights are violated, including open source guidelines.
  • The AI tools and technologies developed, integrated or used by Ringier shall always be fair, impartial and non-discriminatory. For this reason, Ringier’s own AI tools, technologies and integrations are subject to regular review.

Ringier CEO Marc Walder: “We are convinced that through responsible interaction between humans and machines, based on clear AI rules, our products and processes can be further improved. By introducing these rules, we are taking on international responsibility to leverage the positive aspects of AI while minimizing the risks. In this way, Ringier ensures that AI is used transparently and in line with its values.”

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications