Ringier AG decides on new organizational structure of its business areas

Ringier AG has decided to modify its management structure, reducing the size of its Group Executive Board to four members. Florian Fels, the CEO of Ringier Publishing, is leaving the Group. Michael Voss, Ringier's current Chief Operating Officer, will in future also assume management responsibility for the Publishing division. Robin Lingg will join the Extended Group Executive Board.

With effect from July 1, 2014, Ringier AG’s Group Executive Board will comprise Marc Walder, the Group’s CEO, Michael Voss, CEO of the Publishing and Entertainment divisions, Thomas Kaiser, Chief Digital Officer and CEO of Ringier Digital AG, and Annabella Bassler, Chief Financial Officer. Florian Fels, who hitherto managed Ringier Publishing, is leaving the company by mutual agreement.

Florian Fels assumed management responsibility for Ringier Publishing on March 1, 2013. During the three years prior to that, he had been CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, the Eastern European joint venture owned by Ringier and Axel Springer.

Marc Walder, Ringier AG’s CEO, said, “I would like to thank Florian Fels for the valuable contribution he has made to the Ringier Group and for the substantial commitment he has demonstrated. The development of the joint venture in Eastern Europe, the turnaround of the business in the Romania and the investments made in digital businesses in Eastern Europe – including those in Azet.skOnet.pl and ejobs.ro – were all achieved under his leadership. In Switzerland, he played a key role in redefining the strategic direction of the Publishing business, with its new shared marketing platform and the numerous projects and initiatives implemented for the Blick Group, most notably in the digital arena.”

With effect from July 1, Michael Voss will assume management responsibility for the Publishing division, encompassing the Blick Group, Ringier’s magazine titles published in German-speaking Switzerland, Ringier Romandie (which publishes the Ringier titles for French-speaking Switzerland) and Ringier Publishing Media, the central marketing unit. As before, Michael Voss will continue to manage the Swissprinters, Ringier Print Adligenswil and Ringier Germany businesses. He will also remain responsible for the management of Ringier Entertainment, which includes Radio Energy, Ticketcorner, InfrontRingier Sports & Entertainment Switzerland and Ringier’s interest in Sat.1 (Switzerland).

In the words of Marc Walder, Ringier AG’s CEO, “Since 2010, Michael Voss has worked alongside me, playing a major role in the diversification and transformation of the Ringier Group. I am delighted that, in addition to managing Ringier Entertainment, he will now also assume responsibility for Ringier Publishing, which remains such an important part of our overall business.”

Robin Lingg, who has hitherto been Head of Business Development for the Ringier Group, has been appointed CEO of Ringier Africa and Asia. In this new role, he will be responsible for Ringier’s business activities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. He will also become a member of Ringier’s Extended Group Executive Board.

Thomas Trüb, hitherto Head, Asia & New Markets at Ringier and one of the key architects of the internationalization of the Group’s business, will continue to serve the Group as Board Chairman of Hong-Kong-based Ringier Pacific Ltd. He will also continue in his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dariu Foundation, a charitable institution supported by Ringier whose work is primarily focused on Vietnam. In addition, he will support Ringier’s CEO, Marc Walder, in an advisory role.

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