Ringier Africa partners with Mozilla Firefox OS content ecosystem

Ringier Africa announces a partnership with Mozilla Firefox. Similar to Ringier the company is adapting to the needs of the African market with the focus on a mobile audience.

In a bid to further extend the reach for both companies, Ringier Africa announces a partnership with Mozilla Firefox. Ringier’s market-leading classifieds, content and ecommerce platforms will be available on the Mozilla Firefox OS marketplace.

Mozilla is operating in Africa since the beginning of this year. The US-company started its business 15 years ago and expanded in the meantime to 29 countries worldwide. One fifth of all Web activity today happens through Firefox products. The content ecosystem is operating on an open-source basis and benefits of already existing web standards. Therefore the Mozilla community itself together with App experts, help identify the relevant content that matters most to them always focusing on the customers’ local needs.

Ringier Africa launched in 2011 and is now operating in six countries on the continent. The company is running mobile-first classifieds, ecommerce and content platforms most of which are clear market leaders. Like Firefox, Ringier Africa is creating mass reach, optimized for the hundreds of millions of mobile-users in Africa. This audience, which is interested in the new possibilities the internet has to offer, accessing the web only through mobile devices and looking for affordable smartphones is the key to success for both parties.

Scott DeVaney, Editorial Manager at Mozilla Corporation:

“We are very happy to have the hugely popular Ringier products on Firefox Marketplace. This exciting content provides tremendous value for our African audience.”

Julian Artope, Director Ringier Africa, says: 

Mozillas open and cost-effective marketplace and OS fits perfectly with Ringier’s approach to bring mass market, life-enhancing digital platforms to African consumers. It’s a great partnership and the next logical step for us to connect African businesses and consumers alike.”

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications