Rejection of allegations: Statement on Journalistic Freedom by Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG)

We strongly reject the massive misinformation about alleged interference in the work of our GSP journalists. Aside from the false and reputation-damaging accusations, no evidence has been provided in support of the allegations.

Our journalists work according to our high ethical standards. The editorial decisions are taken by the editors-in-chief. 

Strategic discussions between editorial teams and commercial departments are a common procedure in media companies worldwide.

The recent departure of Catalin Tepelin, former editor-in-chief of Gazeta Sporturilor, was due to differing strategic views and was mutual.

Our editorial teams in seven countries operate autonomously but share a commitment to delivering quality content to our readers. Ringier’s three-decade presence in Romania, as part of a 190-year tradition, highlights our dedication to editorial freedom. 

Claims that RSMG dictates editorial policies are unfounded and misrepresent our journalists’ professionalism.

Journalism, to us, focuses on facts, clarity, and insightful analysis. We uphold the principle of relevance across all media sectors. Having been synonymous with credibility for 190 years, we pledge to maintain our journalistic values and serve our readers with authenticity and integrity.