DOMO 3 / 2023


Art belongs in everyday work life: This is what our publisher and art collector Michael Ringier deeply believes. In a conversation, he talks about some of his favourite art works, the meaning of art, and what it has to do with publishing.

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8 – 14: An Eye for Art

How did the idea of merging Ringier’s annual reports with contemporary art actually come about? What makes an art collector’s heart tick and how does art relate to publishing? We asked publisher Michael Ringier this and much more in his office and on a guided tour of the art in the Pressehaus.

24 – 26: Nancy Cruickshank

This British entrepreneur has extensive experience with digitalization strategies at media companies. Nancy Cruickshank has been a member of the Ringier Board of Directors since spring 2023. In her interview with Barbara Halter, she talked about what drives her and what she wants to contribute in her role at Ringier.

28 – 29: Tech pro and lifesaver

Cristian Iosub develops synthetic voices, virtual currencies and other AI products for Ringier Romania. But this Chief Product Officer also has another mission: He is a lifesaver for an NGO that provides rapid assistance in the event of accidents or searches for missing persons.

30 – 32: «As a BookToker, I bear responsibility»

The love of printed books is currently experiencing a resurgence and is being celebrated on TikTok. BookTok is the name of the trend in which young people present and promote books. In our profile, Swiss BookToker Noëmi Santos explains what BookTok is and why she is addicted to books.

34: Making-of: Reni’s Journey

The Ringier Innovation team has produced a comic by joining Artificial Intelligence with human creativity. A brief insight into the thinking at Ringier Innovation and its use of AI tools.


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