DOMO 2 / 2022


What is the metaverse all about? Are we already experiencing its beginnings without realizing it? A conversation with Petra Ehmann – Chief Innovation Officer of the Ringier Group as of September 1st – about a new, augmented (and better?) world.

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4 – 6 Into the Metaverse

Petra Ehmann is the new Chief Innovation Officer at Ringier. «The metaverse will bring the next era of storytelling for the media industry», she says in our interview. She also tells us what she learned from her time at Google.

11 Interview in numbers

Swissprinters AG prints 9,000,000 A4-format pages per hour, that is 45,000 tons of paper per year. Alfred Wälti, the printing plant’s CEO, also comes up with impressive numbers relating to pizza and sports photos.

22 – 25 «I want to feel their fire»

Peter Hossli explains in his interview with DOMO why he teaches old-fashioned journalism as the new head of the Ringier School of Journalism, what he expects from a class and why he usually wears a suit.

26 – 29 The vicious click circle

Brittany Kaiser calls herself a data rights activist. This new member of the international EqualVoice Advisory Board says it will not suffice simply to tally the mentions of women in media texts.

30 The Bored Ape becomes a big yawn

At the NFT.NYC conference, publisher Michael Ringier observed the formerly hyped crypto art’s downfall. In his column, he talks about art and technology.


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