DOMO 2 / 2016


DOMO follows the most feared man in German media for a day. An interview with Mozilla boss Mitchell Baker. And Michael Derkits from Vice Magazine talks about change and chances at the RMC in Opfikon.

He likes crispbread and eggs for breakfast, goes with his gut when writing headlines and shares his home with refugees: Kai Diekmann, the most feared man in German media, is taking the legendary tabloid BILD through the digital revolution. DOMO followed him for a day.
Will artificial intelligence bring about revolution? Or is it just a paper tiger after all? How does a soccer coach best set up his team? What exactly is Big Data? Is Ringier on the right track? These are the questions that Ringier’s management faced. 
Are we growing used to the danger of terrorist attacks? After the latest incidents in Europe, the response of the media, politicians and society felt like a well-rehearsed play.


«A matter of nuances» The editor-in-chief-in-chief: At the beginning of this year, Kai Diekmann became the publisher of the Bild Group. DOMO followed the most feared man in German media for a day. 

12 Ringier Management Conference «Cut the bullshit!», says Michael Derkits from Vice Magazine. He talked about change and chances at the RMC in Opfikon along with another 25 speakers. 

15 The Web is in her blood An interview with Mozilla boss Mitchell Baker: «Great companies are built by people who have a vision.» 

16 Focus on Ringier Ringier’s best photos of the last quarter 

18 How quickly we forget Madrid, London, Paris, Tunis, Brussels and Istanbul: society, media and politicians have routine responses to terrorist attacks. Are we growing jaded? 

21 Gradually saying goodbye Journalist Fibo Deutsch on the deadliest terrorist years in Europe, and why after 56 years he is vacating his office at Ringier but won’t be gone for good. 

22 Interview Admeira-CEO Martin Schneider considers the joint venture a radical project. 

24 Inhouse: Guider The bi-weekly Beobachter’s new digital advice platform helps Ms. Miller avail herself of her rights. 

26 Ringier meets the stars DOMO author René Haenig meets tennis beauty Anna Kournikova in Rio. He digs up his school Russian – which earns him a kiss! 

28 Michael Ringier Our publisher discusses the idea of an unconditional basic income. 

29 Talk Questions for Ringier’s management 

30 Anniversaries Portrait: Walter Hauser / Recommended reading 


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