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Commuting is a part of the daily routine for Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland. During a shared tram ride between the Ringier locations Pressehaus and Medienpark, DOMO asked the boss where the journey with RMS is headed.

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8 – 11: Always on the move
Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland (RMS), has made Zurich’s tram line 2, which connects the two Ringier locations Pressehaus and Medienpark, one of her workplaces. DOMO Magazine went along for the ride and found out where the journey with RMS is going. 

12 – 13: Five on the Secret Trail of Phone Scammers
Izzy is a young brand of Ringier Media Switzerland, and in their videos, they practice a new way of storytelling in their videos. Their latest product is the 80-minute film «Die Enkeltrick-
Betrüger» which became a huge success. Who are these 5 journalists and how do they work?

14 – 16: «A lighthouse project»
Ringier has been developing an ESG concept since 2021 and recently published its first ESG Report. Roman Bargezi, member of the Ringier Board of Directors and member of the ESG Board, explains what this means, why it is important and where the focus lies.

18 – 20: Hero with a heart
Comic-books and appearances in heroic costumes: these are Michel Fornasier’s tools to promote self-confidence in children and to prevent bullying. He is the best role model for this
because he himself has a supposed weakness that he now uses as a strength. 

34: A yearned for reality
Publisher Michael Ringier uses the example of Kate Middleton to reflect on real and fake photos and the scandal caused by the fake pictures of the Princess of Wales. And he points out that the whitewashing of photos is an age-old problem.


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