DOMO 1 / 2017


Here, there, everywhere Always within reach; and we keep reaching for it – the smartphone. Not only is it changing what we do, but also who we are.

It’s changing mankind much as fire, the wheel, the printing press and the steam engine once did; we can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. The clever device makes almost anything possible – but it has us well in hand, more than we should like. 
«We have a lot to offer.» Everyone under a single roof – Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland is moving into the Medienpark premises. An interview with Ralph Büchi on the building’s architecture, journalism in the newsroom and the cancellation of the weekly «L ́Hebdo». 
Kaiser’s Cosmos TV honcho Dominik Kaiser has achieved what all others in Switzerland have failed at – producing commercial TV that’s turning a profit. 


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