OneID: New digital advertising technology initiative – from Switzerland, for Switzerland

At the DEX Conference today, the Swiss publishing houses and their marketers audienzz, CH Media, Goldbach and Ringier Advertising introduced a joint future-oriented ID solution for digital advertising in Switzerland.

The dynamic digital advertising market is facing a decisive turning point. With the expiry of third-party cookies and changing data protection rules, the market is being forced to fundamentally rethink established practices.

With the launch of the new OneID service, marketers are working together to create a basic technology in the form of a digital advertising ID. This will enable advertisers to address Swiss users across publishers over programmatic shopping platforms easily and with no overlaps, which was previously possible only on major international platforms. For example, one application is frequency capping, where a limit is placed on how often a certain ad is shown to a single user.

OneID helps advertising clients accomplish their marketing goals within a trustworthy, transparent and secure infrastructure, and is set to launch for advertising clients at the end of the first quarter of 2024. Integration into the transparency and consent framework of IAB Europe, ensures that users retain control and transparency over their data and its use, which prevents the misuse of personal data.

With OneID, the advertising marketers audienzz, CH Media, Goldbach and Ringier Advertising are paving the way for innovation in advertising technology and laying the foundation of future-proof digital advertising infrastructure. OneID will be implemented within OneLog, the existing joint venture between the participating publishing houses. OneLog already provides a single sign-on solution for Swiss media. The advertising ID solution OneID is a service independent of the OneLog sign-on solution. Users can use each service independently. OneID is also available to any interested publisher outside the participating marketers.

Remo Baumeler, Managing Director audienzz: “The technological challenges of digital marketing are becoming increasingly larger. Working together in areas where we can achieve more together makes absolute sense and creates tremendous opportunities.”

Tarkan Özküp, Chief Commercial Officer CH Media: “Together, we are delivering a solution that will enable our customers to reach more than three million users. That is a considerable added value, as advertisers will be able to reach their campaign objectives even more effectively on our services.”

Michi Frank, CEO Goldbach Group: “Aside from the advertising goals of our customers, the security standards of our publishers’ users are a priority. I am pleased that we have found a way to accommodate this in OneID.”

Thomas Passen, Managing Director Ringier Advertising: “We are proud to provide OneID, a digital service for all advertising clients, which is available to all providers of premium content and enables them to further increase the relevance of their advertising inventory. From Switzerland, for Switzerland.”


About Audienzz

Audienzz is a digital advertising specialist and a leading provider of premium environments in Switzerland. Audienzz also offers its specially developed tools and services to the entire digital advertising market. The company was established in 2016.

About Goldbach Group Ltd

The companies in the Goldbach Group Ltd market and broker advertising space on TV and radio as well as in print, online and mobile media; their activities also include outdoor advertising and performance marketing. The focus is on straightforward information, advisory and reservation processes. We pursue a consistent multi-channel approach to reach the end consumer at the right time, in the right place and in the right context. The Goldbach Group Ltd, which has its registered office in Küsnacht, operates mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Goldbach is a TX Group company.

About CH Media

CH Media is one of the leading Swiss media companies and employs about 1,800 people in German-speaking Switzerland. CH Media delivers quality journalism with its daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. As the number one for both private radio and private television in Switzerland, CH Media is also synonymous with top-quality entertainment. CH Media reaches more than two million people on all channels every day through its publishing and entertainment brands. The media group’s product and service range also includes state-of-the-art printing plants.

About Ringier Advertising

Ringier Advertising stands for strong brands, high-quality environments, innovation and first-class consulting. The marketer has a broad portfolio of digital portals and print publications. This includes the brands and corresponding portals of Ringier AG and Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG. Ringier Advertising also markets external publications and portals such as bluenews.ch and femelle.ch.

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