Markus Hurek and Simonetta Caratti to receive Ringier Media Award 2008

Markus C. Hurek from the German political magazine Cicero and Simonetta Caratti from the il caffè della Domenica newspaper based in southern Switzerland receive the Ringier Media Award.

«Markus C. Hurek has made a significant contribution to the success of Cicero and spends a lot of time and energy to clean up the authors’ pieces up to the last minute», wrote the Ringier Media Award’s jury committee. «He provides valuable support behind the scenes, revising and weighing articles and performing the final review of headlines and captions». The jury continued: «Simonetta Caratti has endowed il caffè della Domenica with depth and her distinctive writing style for a long time». The 39-year old Ticino native has worked for Ringier’s il caffè newspaper since 2003. Both titles play a very special role in their media landscape, the jury added. This year’s selection can also be seen as a signal: For the first time the award was given to journalists who are not working for Swiss-German media products.

The Ringier Media Award is given for the winner’s complete works and not for a single achievement. Alternatively, the award can also honour an outstanding accomplishment realized over a relatively short period. The Media Award aims to recognize personalities who have substantially contributed to a Ringier Publishing product, working behind the scenes and mostly away from the limelight. In this case two authors have been recognized who have left a mark on their journalistic products.

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