Jelena Drakulic-Petrovic becomes General Manager of Ringier Serbia

Jelena Drakulic - Petrovic takes over the operative business of Ringier Serbia

As of 22 July 2008, Jelena Drakulic – Petrovic (30) becomes General Manager of Ringier Serbia. She follows after Attila Mihók (32), who already in November 2007 took on responsibility for the business of Ringier Hungary and now will fully concentrate on that task. Attila Mihók has been working as General Manager of Ringier Serbia since January, 2004.

Jelena Drakulic- Petrovic has worked since April 2004 for Ringier Serbia, since 1 April 2008 as deputy General Manager. Drakulic began as brand manager by the daily newspaper Blic; from September 2006, she took over the responsibility for the newspaper sector as head of publishing. Since the very beginning, she was actively involved in the development of Ringier’s activities in Serbia by leading the creation process of current portfolio of products.

Since 2004, Ringier has been grown to the largest publishing house in Serbia, with the most sold and read daily newspaper Blic, newly developed and market leader women weekly Blic Zena (2004), the people-magazine Blic Puls (2005), the first free daily newspaper 24 sata (2006) and the tabloid daily Alo! (2007). During this period Ringier also became the owner of the printing plant APM Print and the distribution company APM Transpress. Ringier Serbia also has a subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the local issue of Blic.

Jelena Drakulic-Petrovic, a native Serb, studied linguistics at the Belgrade University and media management at the Tennessee University (USA).

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