Gazeta Sporturilor goes all-in on digital: Discontinues print edition and signs agreement with SNTV, the leading provider of sports video news and highlights, for a new digital only era at GSP.ro

Due to the drastic decline in GazetaSporturilor's print sales, which have fallen by 27% since 2018, as well as rising print and paper prices, Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG), the owner of GazetaSporturilor and GSP.ro, has decided to undertake a strategic restructuring by discontinuing the loss-making print division and focusing 100% on the digital platform GSP.ro in the future. The last print edition of Gazeta Sporturilor is published today, 1st November 2023.

This strategic shift is reflecting recent developments in the global media industry and is in line with the RSMG playbook. The Reuters Institute stated in its “Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2023”: “More newspapers will stop daily print production this year due to rising print costs and weakening of distribution networks. We may also see a further spate of venerable titles switching to an online-only model”.

The decision to focus on digital only at GSP demonstrates RSMG’s commitment to best adapt its sports media platforms to the rapidly changing sports media landscape in order to provide its valued readers with up-to-date and high-quality sports coverage. 

Gazeta Sporturilor’s digital offshoot, the sports news platform GSP.ro, is developing very promisingly and with a lot of upside potential. With more than 65 million impressions, more than 20 million visits and over four million unique users per month, GSP.ro is already by today the most influential Romanian sports media platform. Compared to all SATI measured websites, GSP.ro has the longest average session duration per month.

In its pursuit of high-profile expansion of its offering, GSP.ro has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SNTV, the sports video service of the renowned agency, The Associated Press (AP). 

SNTV specializes in providing premium sports coverage and sports video news tailored to the needs of broadcasters and digital publishers worldwide. SNTV brings viewers closer to their passion for sports on their digital devices. More than 400 media companies worldwide use SNTV’s content – including, as of now, GSP.ro.

Starting today, users of GSP.ro can now expect in-depth highlights from a wide range of competitions, including the German Bundesliga, English FA Cup, Portuguese League, AFC Champions League, and many more. In addition, GSP.ro users will have the privilege to watch highlights of the main European basketball games from the EuroLeague, as well as the latest sports videos from the NBA and NCAA Championships. In addition, there will be news content from sports events around the globe. And that’s just the beginning.

The decision to discontinue the print edition of Gazeta Sporturilor was made on the basis of numerous analyses. The economic situation of the almost one hundred year old sports media brand, as well as the ongoing shift of readers and advertisers to the online platform, are a clear indicator to give absolute priority to the digital future of Gazeta Sporturilor. 

The cooperation with SNTV is the first clear confirmation of the strength of the digital edition GSP.ro. The high-quality moving image content will help GSP.ro deliver even higher-quality content from the world of sports, focusing on the needs of the most demanding sports fans.

The discontinuation of the print edition of Gazeta Sporturilor is accompanied by the loss of nine positions. The personnel changes refer exclusively to positions directly related to the distribution and coordination of the print edition of Gazeta Sporturilor. Among others, Catalin Tolontan, currently the Editorial Coordinator of both Gazeta Sporturilor and Liberatatea, will no longer be involved with Gazeta Sporturilor and will focus on Libertatea going forward.

In addition, GSP.ro’s editorial team will move to a new office space at the beginning of November, a clear sign of the beginning of a new digital era. This move not only marks the beginning of a new digital chapter, but also underlines the ambitious goal of positioning GSP.ro as an innovative digital sports media brand.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications