Alexander Grimm becomes the new CEO of Ringier Sports

Martin Blaser will step down as CEO of Ringier Sports and relinquish all operational responsibilities at the end of September 2021. As a result, Martin Blaser will join the Board of Directors of Ringier Sports, a subsidiary of the Ringier Group. Alexander Grimm will be the new CEO of Ringier Sports.

The announcement made in mid-August 2021 that Martin Blaser had been appointed to the board of directors of FC Lugano SA as part of the takeover of FC Lugano by Walden Football LLC has led to a change in the upper echelons of Ringier Sports: Alexander Grimm, Chief Digital Officer of Ringier Sports since 1 October 2020, will become the new CEO of the sports business agency from 1 October 2021. His predecessor Martin Blaser will step down and hand over operational responsibility for Ringier Sports at the end of September 2021. He will remain a part of the company as a newly appointed member of the Board of Directors. 

In 2003, Alexander Grimm established sportal media GmbH which owns services including the sports portal sport.ch and the streaming platform sportalhd.com. The digital media agency aggregates, curates, produces and distributes sports content for fans and brands on social, digital and TV platforms. sportal media GmbH is a programming expert and creates and distributes quality original sports and lifestyle programmes, branded content and live sports. Alexander Grimm was appointed Chief Digital Officer when Ringier Sports took over sportal media GmbH in October 2020.

Marc Walder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ringier Sports: «Martin Blaser is one of the most experienced and accomplished sports marketers in Switzerland. Blaser’s strategic management of Ringier Sports over the past four years has been highly successful. For this I would like to express my sincere thanks. I wish him every success in his new role at FC Lugano. I am tremendously pleased to have found an exceptionally skilled individual in Alexander Grimm from within our own ranks who will continue to press ahead with the digitalisation of sports marketing, which has proven so successful so far. »

Alexander Grimm, newly appointed CEO of Ringier Sports: «Ringier Sports has everything it needs to implement innovative new projects as an effective partner to brands, leagues and associations and, above all, to develop new digital marketing models. That’s something I’m looking forward to.»

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About Ringier Sports

Ringier Sports AG is a subsidiary of the Ringier Group and concentrates on the marketing of Swiss clubs, associations and organisations as well as national and international events in the Swiss market. The focus is on public sports such as football and ice hockey, as well as sports with a high number of licensed and/or active players. Core activities involve the exploitation of commercial rights to national leagues and the future development and marketing of event and championship formats with a national character. Ringier Sports AG can count on the long-standing knowledge of its employees and on a broad network of renowned and established partners.