Ringier develops media chatbot powered by Google Cloud

As AI-powered conversational search continues to demonstrate its benefits, Ringier has entered into an agreement with Google Cloud to develop a chatbot for the digital offering of its Swiss flagship publication, Blick. This collaboration underlines Ringier's ambition as an international digital media company to be at the forefront of technological innovation and development in the media industry.

After a comprehensive analysis of all providers, Ringier has chosen Google Cloud as its technology provider and strategic collaborator for this project.

Ladina Heimgartner, Head Global Media Ringier AG and CEO Ringier Media Switzerland: “We are excited to announce today that Ringier and Google Cloud will work together to develop a chatbot for Blick’s digital offerings. This engagement represents a unique opportunity to combine technology with our journalistic values at the highest level. We want to integrate not only our core journalistic products, but also content from other high-quality media into this chatbot project. Together, this learning journey is driven by the overarching goal of implementing a value-driven chatbot, and success depends on a variety of influencing variables that challenge both Ringier and Google Cloud to navigate new territory.”

Ringier will leverage Google Cloud Vertex AI to create a dialog-oriented experience for readers in Blick’s digital world that not only respects but also emphasizes core journalistic values and industry standards. 

As a media company in the digital age Ringier’s goal has always been to innovate and adapt to the new ways its users prefer to navigate the web. At the same time, the company and its more than 120 media brands worldwide remain firmly committed to and believe in the importance of journalistic values as a fundamental aspect of its service to society, citizens and democratic principles.

The new Blick chatbot will thus combine innovation with traditional values in Blick’s digital offerings.

Roi Tavor, Managing Director of Google Cloud in Switzerland & Austria: “We are thrilled to partner with Ringier on this project. The development of a media chatbot for Blick’s digital offerings represents an exciting opportunity to leverage the power of technology to enhance the reader experience and advance the field of journalistic innovation. This collaboration shows our joint efforts to push the boundaries of digital media and explore new ways to engage and inform audiences.”


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