RED launches partnership with Cleeng for the streaming platform RED.Sport

Cleeng manages the various aspects of subscription management from a single source and can therefore provide the best possible support for the newly launched streaming platform RED.Sport.

To manage its GAMEPASS subscription options, RED has decided to partner with Cleeng, a Dutch company whose services cover all the various facets of subscription management. Thanks to its modular range of services, Cleeng will be able to devise a tailor-made solution for RED.Sport. From the development of various subscription products to retention analytics and management, from CRM and payment solutions to customer support – Cleeng can provide it all from a single source.

Cleeng will support RED by providing a central point of control for all elements of subscription management. The Subscriber Retention Management™ suite by Cleeng includes everything from offer management and invoicing to analytics and customer support. And it can all be managed from a single source, providing a complete, 360-degree overview of the customer base and subscriber behavior. 

Building on a wide range of basic subscriptions, the Cleeng product suite provides a flexible way to create and offer promotions and special rates in real time. 

Finally, Cleeng is set apart by the fact that it offers personalized support. «The Cleeng team are absolute professionals; they know exactly what their product can achieve and how it can be adapted to meet the requirements of RED. Through their personalized support, we’re getting expert assistance for the RED platform to guarantee a seamless experience for our subscribers.», says Alain D. Birchler, Subscription Project Manager of Ringier  Sports.

Gilles Domartini, CEO and founder of Cleeng, had this to say about the new partnership: «We are thrilled to be working with Ringier Sports. We look forward to supporting the innovative RED platform by sharing our unique focus on Media & Entertainment and removing the complexities of OTT sports video with the combination of our operational and analytical product suite.»

Alexander Grimm, CEO of Ringier Sports AG: «The GAMEPASS subscription model is a key factor in the RED project, and we put a lot of emphasis on the user experience, which starts with the login and subscription area on the platform. That’s why we at RED are very happy to have the support of Cleeng for the complex issue of our management and subscription.»

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications