New iPad edition of Monopol

Monopol, Germany's acclaimed contemporary art magazine, is now available in English for download on the iPad – with a comprehensive guide to all the shows and events at Berlin Art Week, the autumn highlight of Germany’s art scene.

Based in Berlin, one of the world’s most vibrant cities and a hub for art, design, architecture, music and fashion, Monopol reports every three months in its international iPad edition on the art scene in Germany and around the globe.

This issue of Monopol – International Edition also contains an interview with Ryan Trecartin on his show at the Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, an exclusive tour through Berlin’s night life, a portrait of the city’s key new galleries and a daily guide to all that Berlin Art Week has to offer. Plus: the true story of the convertible that Yves Klein drove and Arman blew up, a photo-portfolio by Lucas Blalock, and outspoken views on the question of questions: how rotten is the art market?

Monopol – International Edition is available in the iTunes Store.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications

Media Release Monopol International Edition iPad App (PDF)