Transfer of the year: IVAN IVANOVIĆ and his team leave United Media and move from NOVA S television to BLIC TV

One of the most popular and longest running late night talk shows, "An Evening with Ivan Ivanović," as well as "Four and a Half Men," will be exclusively presented on BLIC TV, starting this fall.

Blic TV’s programming schedule for the upcoming fall season will be enriched with two new shows from Ivan Ivanović’s production team, which have been broadcasted on NOVA television for the past five years. Before Nova, the popular talk show “An Evening with Ivan Ivanovic” was presented on TV Prva for 10 years, since 2010.

The program of Blic TV will be enriched with television formats with a strong and recognizable author’s stamp which have been captivating television audiences for years. The projects will continue to be realized by the same well-proven creative team of collaborators and hosts.