Swissprinters: Improved social plan

The working group of Swissprinters employees negotiated the benefits of the social plan together with the Swissprinters management and achieved a significant improvement of these benefits.

Over the past few weeks, a working group led by Daniel Uhlmann and Swissprinters’ management have held several rounds of constructive meetings on the benefits of the existing social plan. Following an in-depth review, improvements have been achieved on a number of points. Essentially, there will be a severance payment and an additional increased monthly cost-of-living adjustment. The threshold for early retirement benefits has been significantly lowered.

Swissprinters management had already unilaterally defined several improvements to the current social plan prior to the negotiations. For example, all layoffs were terminated early to allow more time to search for a new employment. The funds for counseling and support in the job search as well as for training and further education had been significantly increased.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members of the working group who achieved this success in improving benefits for Swissprinters employees. We also acknowledge the constructive support of the syndicom trade union in the first phase of the talks,” says Alexander Theobald, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swissprinters.