Rose d’Or Golden Jubilee Winners announced

Lucerne: The winners of the Rose d'Or Awards 2010 were revealed tonight at a Gala Awards Ceremony in Lucerne, Switzerland. Eleven programmes from Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the UK were honoured with prestigious Golden Roses at the event, which brought the 50th anniversary celebrations to a close.

Specially created to commemorate the 50th anniversary, the two Golden Jubilee Awards were presented to Coronation Street and Simon Cowell for their outstanding contribution to entertainment television. 

The Awards Presentation, hosted this year by Ben Shephard and Nazan Eckes, was incorporated into a spectacular show celebrating the last 50 years of entertainment television, as told through the Rose’s own history. Celebrity presenters and guests included former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, DJ Bobo, Carol Vorderman, Marie-Luise Marjan and Gaby Roslin. 

The Golden Rose for Best of 2010 went to Belgian comedy show Benidorm Bastards. The jury said: “This programme is so much more than a candid camera show, it is a prime time ratings winner that has taken the most undervalued element of society and given them the power of the punch line. Benidorm Bastards proves that this type of humour is ageless.” 

Festival Director Rolf Probala said: “This week has been a great start to the next decade of the Rose d’Or and we are already looking forward to next year’s festival” 

This year the Festival saw a 50 year record broken with 515 programmes from 40 countries entered into the competition. A highlight of the week was the exceptionally well received conference programme, revitalised as the Rose d’Or Forum. The Forum featured cutting-edge debates, with contributions from industry heavyweights, which will continue on-line throughout the year. Opening some of the high-profile festival events to the public such as The Comedy Night, hosted by Thomas Hermanns, and the live celebrity charity production of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, hosted by Chris Tarrant, was also a big success. 

The winners of the 2010 Rose d’Or Awards are:

Arts Documentary & Performing Arts

Naboen (The Neighbour) Norway

A couple argues in an apartment in Oslo. Their neighbour, a lonely pianist, is annoyed by their endless quarrels and plays Janacek’s In the Mist. As the sound penetrates, the couple unconsciously succumbs to the music and starts to resolve the argument.

Production Company: Nordisk Film og TV AS *

Distributor/Broadcaster: NRK

Children & Youth

Krimi.de – Web Attack Germany

Klara Stolz, a new student at a Stuttgart high school, feels insecure and aimless. She loses her mobile after getting drunk at a party and pictures of her in her underwear are posted on-line, triggering bullying and humiliation that proves too much for her to deal with and puts her life at risk.

Production company: Bavaria Filmverleih- & Produktions Gmbh

Distributor/Broadcaster: Südwestrundfunk *


Benidorm Bastards Belgium

Seven old people drive the kids crazy in this guerrilla-style show, which is unlike any hidden camera programme you have ever seen. The wrinklies get one over on the youth, for a change.

Production company: Shelter *

Distributor/Broadcaster: VMMA

Drama & Mini-Series

Hopeville South Africa

Amos, a reformed alcoholic, is trying to forge a relationship with his estranged son, Themba. In the dusty town of Hopeville, where apathy, fear and suspicion are the order of the day, Amos decides to restore the public swimming pool so Themba can pursue a swimming career, but is met with resistance. Through patience and courage, Amos’ selfless act sends ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action.

Production Company: Curious Pictures */Heartlines

Distributor/Broadcaster: SABC – South African Broadcast Corporation

Game Show

Bingo Banko Denmark

This live action entertainment game show generates bingo numbers in unique and crazy ways with the help of celebrities and members of the public, with the studio audience and viewers playing along in real time.

Production company: Metronome

Distributor/Broadcaster: Babyfoot *

Multi Platform

Aquila Roja (Red Eagle) Spain

An avenging Ninja in 17th century Spain… With this unlikely plot, Aquila Roja has become the most famous TV series in Spain and its website www.rtve.es/aquilaroja immerses its followers in the universe created in the series. The episodes can all be watched on the web and commented on in Facebook, and there is a free linked MMORPG.

Production company: RTVE *

Distributor/Broadcaster: RTVE


The Inbetweeners UK

Not cool enough to be popular, and not geeky enough to be nerds, The Inbetweeners’ are back for a second series of mishaps and embarrassing attempts at pulling and losing their virginity on their way to being men.

Production company: Bwark Productions

Distributor/Broadcaster: Channel 4 *

Soap & Telenovela

Date Blind Argentina

Single Lucia hears her family bet on her not finding a real boyfriend before her sister’s wedding. She tries to prove them wrong, knowing she has only 258 days to do it…

Production company: Dori Media Contenidos*/ Rosstoc 

Distributor/Broadcaster: Dori Media Distribution Gmbh

Reality & Factual Entertainment

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways UK

Six Brits catch, harvest, and process food products that we eat every day – seeing behind the scenes of the tuna, prawn, rice and chicken industries for the first time. The winning programme looks at Indonesia’s tuna business, as the shocked Brits struggle with the harsh realities of life for tuna workers in the Western Pacific.

Production company: Ricochet

Distributor/Broadcaster: BBC *

Variety & Live Event Show

La Bohème at the Tower Block Switzerland

La Bohème im Hochhaus is the third foray by Schweizer Fernsehen into primetime opera programming. This urban staging of Puccini’s La Bohème was the most challenging yet, putting sound stages into a public housing complex, a pizzeria and a shopping mall, to great effect.

Production company: SF Schweizer Fernsehen*/Arte GEIE 

Distributor/Broadcaster: SF Schweizer Fernsehen 

Social Award Karawane der Hoffnung (Desert Tears) Germany

The terrifying ritual of genital mutilation is performed on a young girl somewhere in the world every eleven seconds. Excruciating pain is inevitable and death not uncommon, but women who have not undergone this mutilation are destined to be outcasts. A group of human rights activists is trying to end the 5,000 year old practice.

Production company: Pro Sieben Galileo for ProSieben Seven One International 

Distributor/Broadcaster: Seven One International *

Notes to Editors/Broadcasters

Broadcasters and News Editors

Footage from arrivals and Awards Ceremony will be available from EBU feed for EBU members – clips will also be made available on www.rosedor.com as soon as possible.