Rose d’Or Festival Competition Opens

The Rose d'Or Festival Call For Entries marks the launch of the 51st edition of this competition. From today the best international entertainment programmes can be submitted for consideration for a coveted Golden Rose award.

The competition has undergone important changes this year. Programmes can now be submitted in 13 categories including the newly introduced Telenovela and Lifestyle. Marco Castellaneta, Chairman, says: «The Rose d’Or Competition has traditionally focused on entertainment television. This tradition has been renewed and strengthened. The newly defined categories offer a clearer characterisation of the genre, while recognising the evolution of entertainment television.» As part of the continuing development of the Festival, from this year it will be possible to submit entries by digital upload, making participation in the competition both easier and more secure than ever. Festival Director Markus Helbling says: «As always the Rose d’Or Festival seeks to welcome the best of entertainment television to Lucerne, and as such we are committed to providing the participants of our competition an ideal platform – a perfect blend of content and technology.» The deadline for entries to the 51st Rose d’Or Competition is 31 December 2011.

The Rose d’Or Festival enters a digital age
With the launch of the 2012 edition of the competition, the Rose d’Or Festival is taking further steps into a new digital era. Not only can the entries now be submitted online, but the pre-selection jury will be able to undertake its judging duties online. The jury members from around the world will have direct access to review the programmes and make their selection for the shortlist of nominees in February 2012 online. In addition, delegates can look forward to further technological advances in the Video Kiosk in Lucerne.

Competition information
The Rose d’Or Festival Website www.rosedor.ch provides a comprehensive overview of the competition including details of all 13 categories. This includes precise definitions of each category, illustrated by an interview with a prominent figure in the field and example clips. The website provides the perfect guide to assist participants in making the right submission to the right category. Last year saw a record-breaking 515 programmes from 40 countries submitted to the 50thanniversary competition. The simplified submission process should ensure that the record-breaking trend continues.

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