Ringier Tanzania partners with job skills credentialing platform AMCAT for Africa

Tanzania’s largest classifieds and business directory ZoomTanzania.com is now partnering with Aspiring Minds’ world’s largest job skills credentialing platform, in a bid to make hiring in Africa more efficient and enable easy access to job opportunities for the youth.

In a deal announced today, Ringier has partnered with Aspiring Minds to run the job skills credentialing platform AMCAT in Sub-Saharan Africa. With its twelve platforms on the continent, Ringier is providing unrivalled reach through its different channels. AMCAT, the world’s foremost job readiness credentialing platform, brings state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

AMCAT becomes a game-changer when it comes to hiring in Africa: Often times, recruitment can’t be based on diplomas or grades, because degrees are in plenty and lack quality assurance. Also with today’s changing corporate requirements, the relevance of a degree itself is in question. In addition, many candidates might apply for a position that they are not really qualified for, making it hard for HR departments to identify suitable candidates between all the applications. AMCAT accurately measures job skills and predicts performance in over 90 percent of available jobs. The cloud-based, data-driven, standardized assessment test evaluates more than 200 skills, spanning language, cognitive and functional competencies, personality traits and situation handling.

AMCAT offers a perfect solution for the recruitment problem in Africa. The platform fits perfectly well with ZoomTanzania’s massive reach. Recruiters finally get a great assessment tool, immediately showing them the best candidates for a position. Job seekers get a chance to differentiate themselves against other candidates and stand out of the crowd. This partnership establishes ZoomTanzania as the number one recruiting tool in Tanzania.” Julian Artopé, Director Ringier Africa

“We are very excited about the partnership with Ringier taking AMCAT to Africa. AMCAT has been very successful in building a merit driven ecosystem for job seekers and employers and providing scientific job readiness feedback to students. Having established ourselves as the largest job credentials provider globally, we look forward to reaching the aspirational African youth through this partnership.”Himanshu Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO Aspiring Minds

With this new platform, Ringier follows its strategy of a market-leading portfolio all over Africa. The company first set foot in Tanzania a year ago with the majority stake at Tanzania’s largest classifieds platform ZoomTanzania.com.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications