Ringier streamlines highest operative management level

Group Executive Board number reduced

Alexander Theobald, who to date heads the company sector Ringier Romania/Hungary, is leaving the company. The general manager of Ringier Romania (Marius Hagger) and Ringier Hungary (Attila Mihók) newly report directly to CEO Christian Unger.

As a result, the six-head Group Executive Board is made up by Christian Unger (CEO), Samuel Hügli (CFO/CIO), Thomas Trüb (Head of the company sector Ringier Pacific/New Media), Peter Mertus (Head of the company sector Ringier Czechia /Slovakia), Marc Walder (Head of the company sector Ringier Switzerland) and Marco Castellaneta (CCO/Head of the company sector Corporate Center).

We thank Alexander Theobald for his many years of service and successful teamwork, as well as all that he has achieved during this time.

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