Ringier presents its new, international corporate website

As part of its rebranding efforts, Ringier has also updated its online presence. The result: a new multi-domain website in six languages along with interactive elements and highly sophisticated graphics.

Ringier’s digital presence has been completely overhauled in terms of its structure, content and appearance. In line with the tagline “We inform. We entertain. We connect” – which reflects Ringier’s three business segments: publishing, entertainment and digital – all relevant information on the company has been reworked. Multimedia and interactive features together with an optimal display on all end devices (thanks to responsive design) complete the usability improvements for online users.

Using a modern “mobile first” approach, the rich history of the international media company, as well as its extensive portfolio and various facts and figures, have all been reproduced in a wealth of elaborate, attractive images. The content management system allows content to be edited efficiently and published specifically on the separate country-specific sites. Both the content and the technology behind the new corporate website will be updated on an ongoing basis.

While the concept for the new website was designed in-house, Zurich marketing agency ZürichTokio was responsible for the screen design as well as the rebranding. The technical implementation was carried out by Aarau-based agency Previon+, which specialises in digital platforms and strategy consulting.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications

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