Ringier launching new youth portal in Hungary

Ringier Hungary is expanding its portfolio with "neon.hu", an interactive community portal for young people, which will further strengthen Ringier's presence in the Hungarian youth segment.

The new website neon.hu will be updated several times a day and offers everything young people are interested in: stars, fashion, games, technical innovations, top lists, and advice – to name just a few elements out of a wide range of available services. With respect to content, the new community portal works in close cooperation with the publishing company’s teen magazines (Bravo, Bravo Girl, and IM). The websites of these magazines will be integrated into the new portal, starting immediately.

With the slogan „neon.hu – age restriction applies!” Ringier advertises a new concept showing young people what is in and what they should do to keep older ones from hogging all the cool things. Therefore, anybody over 24 must be accompanied by a young person to visit the website.

Ringier Group Communications