Ringier launches the collection, its first globally-distributed mono-thematic tablet magazine. The first issue: «Prince William – The British Monarchy’s Great Hope»

The Switzerland-based international media company Ringier has launched its first ever global app for tablets in three languages - English, German and Chinese. the collection is the company's first mono-thematic magazine for tablets, taking advantage of all the tablet's multimedia possibilities. It introduces a unique and original visual and informative experience to users - infotainment at the highest level. The topic of the first issue could not be more current: "Prince William - The British Monarchy's Great Hope ". the collection is available effective immediately for downloading in every AppStore worldwide. (Prices are country-specific. The price in the USA is $4.99.)

Developed by Ringier’s own journalists, graphic artists and technicians in Switzerland and Vietnam, the collection showcases the complete range of Ringier’s media skills. It is directed at curious people interested in all topics of international relevance, who appreciate first-class digital content produced in an entertaining fashion. Or, to put it in the words of the collection’s CEO and founder Thomas Trüb: «the collection provides intelligent multimedia content for smart people with a sense of humour, who want to access a communicative information app conveniently from anywhere at any time, content that is demanding but fun at the same time.»

In only six months the collection ‘s team developed the first version from prototype to finished version under Editor-in-Chief Peter Hossli and Creative Director Stéphane Carpentier in an exciting collaboration spanning the globe between Zurich, Lausanne and Ho Chi Minh City. At first only available for iPads, the collection will be available for Android-based tablets during the second quarter of 2011. The appazine is currently available in English and Chinese in addition to German. Additional language versions are planned.

the collection is being launched with the story «Prince William – The British Monarchy’s Great Hope.» The issue provides an insight into the life and work of the young prince with unequaled interactive special effects. It shows the Royal Wedding before it takes place; puts forward a debate about the monarchy; provides a look behind the work of the royal photographers; and lets you place bets about the future of William and Kate. After the wedding at the end of April, it will be re-freshed with up-to-date pictures, videos and articles – free of charge for all who have already downloaded the app. This first issue is supported by the sponsoring partner Switzerland Tourism.

Thomas Trüb, who has implemented many pioneering projects within Ringier over the years, is optimistic about the future of the collection: «We want to launch new topics at regular intervals and are already working on the production of the second issue. If we continue to produce exciting apps with high-quality, globally relevant stories in an entertaining way, I am convinced that the collection will be a lasting success. We have the ambition with our applications to be among the top app content publishers globally. In any case, the first issue is an outstanding success, as our users and future advertising partners will be able to see for themselves.»

Ringier Corporate Communications