Ringier issues CSR Report 2008

As Switzerland's first media company Ringier has issued a CSR Report based on the standard of the Global Reporting Initiative. In the report, Ringier provides detailed information on the company's performance in the areas of environment, society and economy.

The Ringier CSR Report 2008 continues a tradition that started in 1992 with Ringier’s first environmental report in Switzerland. The current report is the first one that covers the entire Ringier group and was prepared according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI is an internationally recognized organization whose guidelines are used by many large companies for their reporting. In doing so, Ringier recognizes its responsibility and commitment with regard to environment, society and economy and demonstrates that the company will continue to practice and manage sustainability based on international criteria.

The data were collected across the group, at all sites and in all subsidiaries in which Ringier holds at least a 50% stake. The CSR Report 2008 takes stock of Ringier’s performance. Its results show that Ringier’s performance is sound and efficient. Many sites have even delivered a performance that exceeds the requirements of local law. However, Ringier has also identified a need for action in several areas and defined corresponding objectives in the report. The company aims to further reduce energy consumption and increase the amount of recycled fibers in paper. Ringier already promotes the use of FSC- or PEFC-certified paper from sustainable forestry. Following this report, a sustainability strategy and a sustainability program will be developed.

The Ringier CSR Report is available for reading or download at www.ringier.com/csr. This website also informs on Ringier’s CSR projects and progress on an ongoing basis. The next CSR Report will be issued 2011. This way, Ringier ensures that its actions will be reviewed according to international criteria and the results published in a report, based on which future management decisions will be reviewed.

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