Philips Innovative Kitchen Appliances Builds Strategic Cooperation with Betty’s Kitchen for Healthy Lifestyle

  • Philips Consumer Lifestyle builds the first strategic cooperation with a leading food and lifestyle brand
  • The cooperation integrates Philips’ global resources and Betty’s Kitchen’s insights into local food culture
  • The cooperation aims to integrate the various elements of domestic cooking to help Chinese consumers enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Consumer feedback KAta resulting from the cooperation will help Philips gain better consumer insights
  • The two sides will develop recipes based on the 24 solar terms to cater for local consumers

Shanghai, China—ToKAy, Philips Consumer Lifestyle announced that starting from July this year, it will join hands with Betty’s Kitchen, one of China’s leading cross-media food and lifestyle information platform. As the first strategic cooperation between Philips and Betty’s Kitchen, it is also the first strategic cooperation between Philips Consumer Lifestyle and another brand in the Chinese market. More importantly, it is also the first strategic cooperation between Philips Consumer Lifestyle and a media platform across the globe.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle is committed to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Providing global consumers with products and services that are relevant to their cultures and needs, its Kitchen Appliances (KA) business has long been a trendsetter for consumers. As an influential cross-media lifestyle information platform, Betty’s Kitchen is committed to promoting the local food culture and a healthy lifestyle so as to improve the lives of urban households. Their common vision and values have finally resulted in their first strategic cooperation, which is forged to enhance the health and lives of consumers through collaborative innovation in cooking.

Supported by the strategic cooperation, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Greater China will collaborate with Betty’s Kitchen to establish an expert committee and prepare for online and offline projects such as a research institute, online sharing kitchen, a real offline kitchen and a column on classic recipes.

Fabian Wong, President of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Greater China

Philips has observed that modern Chinese and foreign consumers aspire for the same kind of lifestyle, which is characterized by health and well-beings. For example, consumers wish to eat safe, healthy and delicious food, which is an important measure of living standards. Cooking at home can, to a large extent, help them fulfill this wish. As a matter of fact, this trend is well reflected in China, where the middle class is expanding rapidly: they are more conscious about the quality of their lives and more enthusiastic about using technologies and innovations to make their lives more enjoyable. Innovative domestic appliances introduced by Philips can not only help fulfill their wish to cook safe and healthy food at home, but also enable them to enjoy cooking and life.

 “Consumers are not only eager to make their lifestyle healthier and more comfortable by cooking at home; they also wish to learn how to cook at home. As the leading consumer lifestyle brand, Philips not only needs to provide consumers with products, it also needs to identify more consumer needs and satisfy them by integrating the different elements of domestic cooking. We are pleased to cooperate with one of the leading food and lifestyle information platforms, Betty’s Kitchen. As a global brand, Philips KA is proud of its global network and superior resources. Moreover, China is the global headquarters of the Business Group for Domestic Appliances (BGKA). For KA, its global advantages will be greater if it is more relevant to local markets by providing consumers with more and more innovative technologies and products that can satisfy their needs. Betty’s Kitchen’s deep insights into the local food culture and its diverse channels will help KA achieve greater market penetration in China and realize win-win results for the two sides,” said Fabian Wong, President of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Greater China.

 In recent years, the KA business has been growing rapidly as an important source of growth in China.  As part of its strategy to turn China into another Home Market, the global headquarters of the Domestic Appliance was also removed to China in 2011. The development of Philips in China has been guided by the concept of thinking locally and acting globally. This strategic cooperation is a result of this concept. “Take the consumer research project for example. With the help of Betty’s Kitchen, Philips will be able to better monitor consumer trends and use first-hand consumer feedback KAta to help Philips Consumer Lifestyle think more locally in China,” added Fabian Wong.

Kenny Zhou, General Manager of Ringier Group

As the leading cross-media food and lifestyle information platform in China, Betty’s Kitchen’s strategic cooperation with Philips is mutually complementary with the integration of their quality resources. Under their cooperation framework, an online sharing kitchen centered on Philips domestic appliances will be launched on the website of Betty’s Kitchen. The culinary art studio will physically show the tangible aspects of the cooperation, such as new product experience, recipe teaching, and other consumer or media activities. Philips will also run a column on every issue of the Betty’s Kitchen magazine, introducing classic recipes that are developed specifically for Chinese consumers by the two sides in collaboration with the committee of experts.

When talking about the strategic cooperation with the KA business of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Kenny Zhou, General Manager of Ringier Group, said that the fast growth of the KA business in China, which has made significant contributions to the quality of modern consumers’ lives, is attributable to its innovative technologies built on consumer insights and its strong portfolio of products. As one of the lifestyle leaders, Betty’s Kitchen is happy to join hands with a partner that shares its vision to elevate the status of kitchen in modern households and improve the quality of people’s lives.

Steven Liu, Executive Chef

As an important component of the cooperation, the two sides will also set up a committee of experts from different fields who will contribute their technology innovations, market trend and consumer insights, cooking skills and nutritional knowledge. As an important member of the committee, Steven Liu, a well-known executive chef, said, “I have extensive experience in cooking. It is my understanding that good foodstuffs hold the key to cooking, but cooking can also become simple and enjoyable with innovative kitchen appliances and ingenious techniques. I’m glad that I can be part of this strategic cooperation.”

The committee has a great lineup. Apart from Mr. Steven Liu, it also has the representatives of Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Betty’s Kitchen, who will share their technical knowledge of domestic appliances and latest dietary trends, and nutritionists who will contribute their wisdom from the perspectives of nutritional analysis and Chinese traditional medicine. The famous actress Alice Tzeng will also sit on the committee, whose participation will attract more public attention to the cooperation. Also, the committee will be expanded over time to better serve the cooperation.

In 2014, the strategic cooperation between Philips and Betty’s Kitchen will center on the creation of recipes based on the 24 solar terms. A supplement to the ancient Chinese calendar, the solar terms reflect seasonal and natural changes, reminding people to adjust their diet for health. The recipes that are to be developed based on the solar terms will stay current with seasonal changes and dietary trends, blending healthy lifestyles with innovations. This move is another testimony to Philips KA’s understanding of Chinese consumers and its commitment to the Chinese market.

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