New Blick TV Studio Bern

Ready for the election year. Blick TV now has its own studio in Bern.

For the premiere, Christian Dorer, Editor-in-Chief of the Blick Group, will be hosting a very special conversation with Micheline Calmy-Rey tonight (8 p.m. on Blick TV) in his talk format “Hier fragt der Chef”. The ex-Foreign Minister has already been a guest on the day the war began, on February 24, 2022. In today’s broadcast, they talk about one year of the Ukraine war.

This tragic anniversary will also be the subject of a 12-hour special program on Blick TV on Friday. Starting at 7 a.m., various programs will focus on examining the past year of the war and assess the current situation and further developments with experts.

The new Studio Bern has been developed, planned and built over the last few months by the Blick TV technical team under the direction of Beat Vontobel. It is located in the media center of the Federal Palace and offers space for three cameras and three studio guests. The entire technology can be controlled from the control room of the Blick TV Studio in Zurich.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications