Michael Voss leaves Ringier AG

Michael Voss, the CEO of Ringier Publishing and Entertainment and a member of the Ringier AG Group Executive Board, is leaving the company by mutual agreement.

Voss, a German citizen, first joined Ringier AG as Head of Business Development and Strategy for Ringier Switzerland. In that role he was a member of the management committee of Ringier Switzerland and Germany.

With effect from April 2011, Voss was appointed COO of Ringier Switzerland and Germany. In July 2012, he took on the additional responsibility of managing the Entertainment business (including TV, radio, sports marketing and ticketing) and joined Ringier AG’s Group Executive Board. In July 2014, Michael Voss was then appointed CEO of Ringier Publishing and Entertainment and became a Board director of many Ringier Group companies.

Michael Voss is leaving Ringier for personal and family reasons.

Michael Voss was the designated CEO of Ringier’s planned joint venture with Axel Springer Switzerland (Ringier Axel Springer Media Switzerland AG). The creation of this new entity is contingent upon approval being granted by Switzerland’s Federal Competition Commission, whose evaluation of the project is currently pending. Under those circumstances, Ringier and Michael Voss have agreed to terminate their contractual relationship now, so as to allow time to appoint a future CEO without undue haste. This change in personnel will have no effect whatsoever on the realization of this joint venture.

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG, commented on Michael Voss’s departure with these words: “Over the last five years, Michael Voss has made a significant contribution to the transformation of our company and his role in driving change forward has been considerable – both as COO of Ringier Switzerland and, most recently, as the Group Executive Board member managing the Publishing and Entertainment divisions. He was personally responsible for the successful and efficient advancement of numerous developments and transactions. On behalf of the entire Ringier Group, I would like to thank him for the remarkable work he has carried out and for the exemplary commitment he has demonstrated. I wish him every success in the future, both in his professional and his personal life.”

Ringier CEO Marc Walder will assume interim responsibility for managing the Ringier Group’s Publishing and Entertainment businesses. Within Ringier Publishing, Alexander Theobald, Head of Operations and Business Development, will manage the Blick Group on an interim basis. These arrangements will come into effect immediately.

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