MACH Reader Figures: Very Pleasing Results for Ringier Publications

The reader figures MACH Basic 2011-1 presented today by WEMF show pleasing results overall for publications from Ringier. Most publications increased their number of readers in the past half year. Especially Blick am Abend was able to show an increase with 22 percent; Blick has definitively achieved a turn-around. SonntagsBlick remains the newspaper read most on Sunday, and Schweizer Illustrierte, GlücksPost and L'Illustré were also able to increase the number of their readers.

As expected, Blick am Abend had the biggest increase in number of readers. Thanks to expansion of the distribution area, the number of readers grew by 109,000, which represents an increase of 22 percent. As a result, Blick am Abendnow has a readership of 604,000 people.

Blick had only a slight decrease of 5,000 readers with a sold print run of 214,880 copies and remains the newspaper sold for money with the most readers (623,000) in Switzerland. Consequently, Blick has definitively achieved a turn-around.

The situation at SonntagsBlick is also very pleasing. While almost all other Sunday publications lost ground, SonntagsBlick was able to increase its number of readers by 3,000 to 873,000. The number of sold copies is 238,178. SonntagsBlick Magazine also gained 5,000 new readers and now has a total of 497,000.

Ringier newspapers are winning new readers
After Schweizer Illustrierte was able to record growth of 4 percent to 213,243 sold copies today, the number of readers could be increased by 5,000 to now 940,000 readers during the current statistics period. SI Style has maintained its position as the largest women’s magazine in Switzerland and now has 429,000 readers (-4,000) On the other hand, GlücksPost was able to acquire 23,000 new readers and reaches a total of 440,000 readers today. The number of copies printed is 190,151. Finally, Bolero reaches 78,000 readers with a print run of 21,904 copies, which represents a decrease of 12,000.

Ringier magazines are also strong in French-speaking areas of Switzerland
Ringier publications were also able to record growth in French-speaking areas of Switzerland. L’Illustré increased its readership by 12,000 to currently 363,000 following its very successful relaunch in April 2010, TV8 acquired 10,000 new readers to reach the figure of 258,000 and Edelweiss also gained 3,000 readers to increase its number to 96,000. Edelweiss is going to be relaunched on 28 April. L’Hebdo was able to expand and solidify its position as the magazine read most by managers in western Switzerland with 215,000 readers (-3,000).
Finally, Il Caffè in Ticino also recorded an insignificant decrease of 4,000 readers to a new readership total of 105,000.

As a result, all Ringier publications continue to have a strong and stable presence in the media market.

Ringier Switzerland Communications