Liviu Comăneanu appointed new Managing Director of GSP.ro

The Board of Directors of Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG) has appointed Liviu Comăneanu as the new Managing Director of GSP.ro as of 1 July. This marks the return of a digital media expert who began his impressive career in 2004 as Content Editor at Ringier Romania, before moving to Gazeta Sporturilor in 2006 as New Media Editor and later as Project Manager. After a one-year break as Project Manager at ProSport, Liviu returned to Gazeta Sporturilor in 2009 for another five years as Project Manager responsible for the development of the GSP.ro platform, advertising revenues and online marketing.  

Prior to his current move to GSP.ro, Liviu Comăneanu was Head of Digital at Antena 3, a position he held since March 2021. Previously, he was Project Manager at Antena TV Group since November 2016, responsible for platform development, content strategy and online marketing. Before that, he worked at Fullscreen Digital from 2015 to 2016 as product owner and account manager, managing key accounts such as Rompetrol and Allianz Tiriac. 

Liviu succeeds Predrag Mihailovic, Chief Transformation Officer at RSMG, who held the position of Managing Director of GSP.ro ad-interim since October 2023 and managed the reorganisation of the long-established iconic sports media brand.  Together with the GSP.ro leadership team – Mitrut Docan, Curelea Roxana and Sebastian Culea – Predrag Mihailovic has led the leading Romanian sports media platform back to significant growth in key metrics in less than six months by implementing RSMG´s strategic playbook.

Robin Lingg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ringier Sports Media Group: “Throughout his career, Liviu Comăneanu has excelled in digital strategy, platform development, content management and online marketing, contributing to the success of several well-known media and digital companies. His impressive career is a proof of exceptional leadership and innovation in the digital media landscape. Welcome back Liviu Comăneanu You can look forward to an ambitious and highly motivated team as well as curious, loyal readers.”

Stilian Shishkov, RSMG Senior Partner and founder and CEO of Bulgaria’s Sportal Media Group: “Over the last 6 months, the GSP.ro team has impressively demonstrated a massive growth in the sports media space in Romania by setting new standards in coverage, formats, engagement and innovation. I would like to thank Predrag Mihailovic for his dedication and leadership during this challenging time, and I welcome Liviu Comăneanu. We are very pleased to see how the combination of experience, talent, dedication, passion and technology is bringing rapid growth and more trust than ever to GSP. Exciting times are ahead of us, and this is what we are concentrating on.”

Predrag Mihailović, General Director of sportal.rs and Chief Transformation Officer of RSMG: “The appointment of Liviu Comăneanu as Managing Director marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for GSP.ro. The company looks forward to leveraging his expertise to drive growth and innovation. His extensive background in digital media and proven track record in project management will be instrumental in taking GSP.ro to new heights. The success of GSP.ro underlines the efficiency and effectiveness of RSMG’s strategy and the hard work of the dedicated team, whom I would like to thank for their hard work over the last few months. The successful reorganization was only possible thanks to the trust placed in me and the support of our readers and supporters of GSP.ro. I am delighted that Liviu Comăneanu will continue this success story.”

Liviu Comăneanu, incoming Managing Director of GSP.ro: “GSP.ro is a leading sports media platform offering high-quality content and innovative digital solutions. With its commitment to excellence and passion for storytelling, GSP.ro sets the standard in the media industry. I look forward to working with the management team to meet the challenges of the highly competitive sports media market in Romania. We will capture the soul of sport and bring every moment of passion and triumph directly to our readers, not only during EURO 2024.”

Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG)
Since its launch in 2022, RSMG merges top national sports media with innovative global tech. With 8 brands across 8 European countries, RSMG reaches more than 25 million fans with its platforms monthly – powered by more than 400 colleagues. Beyond its sports media brands, RSMG also operates its Content Management System “Sportal.365” and maintains a strategic partnership with LiveScoreGroup. RSMG is continuously and strategically investing in sports media with the goal of achieving a prominent position through the consolidation of leading digital sports media brands. These brands currently include Sportal Media Group in Bulgaria with sportal.bg and Sportal365, gsp.ro in Romania, sportal.rs in Serbia, sportal.hu in Hungary, sport.sk in Slovakia, sportal.gr in Greece, A Bola in Portugal and Sportnieuws.nl in the Netherlands. The strategic investment in the UK-based LiveScore Group in 2022 further underscores RSMG’s aspiration to build a leading European sports media player by 2025.