Following the merger with SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG, Scout24 Schweiz AG’s Board of Directors will be dissolved and long-standing board members will leave their positions

TX Group AG, Ringier AG, la Mobilière and General Atlantic have launched a new digital hub in the field of digital marketplaces as equal joint venture partners. The companies are equal partners in a joint venture that was agreed on 11 November 2021. Thus, the merger process of the online platforms of Scout24 Schweiz and TX Markets into the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG platform can now begin. Scout24 Schweiz AG’s Board of Directors will therefore be dissolved.

After the merger of the online marketplaces of Scout24 Switzerland and TX Markets was communicated at the end of August and the closing of the joint venture concluded by Ringier, TX Group, General Atlantic and la Mobilière took place, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG commences its business activities with immediate effect under the leadership of CEO Gilles Despas. The portfolio of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG includes the leading online platforms AutoScout24, Car For You, FinanceScout24, Homegate, ImmoScout24, MotoScout24, Ricardo, tutti.ch, acheter-louer.ch and anibis.ch, as well as advertising marketing.
Until the merger, Scout24 Schweiz AG was jointly owned by Ringier AG (50%) and the Swiss insurance company la Mobilière (50%). Scout24 Schweiz AG’s Board of Directors, comprising Marc Walder (Chairman), Michèle Rodoni, Daniel Grossen, Andrea Kleiner, Axel Konjack, Roelof Konterman, Robin Lingg and Peter Brawand, will cease its activity when the business transfers to SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG. The contributions of long-serving board members Daniel Grossen and Roelof Konterman were recognised at the last meeting of the Board of Directors.
Daniel Grossen founded Xmedia AG, the predecessor of Scout24 Schweiz AG, where he was CEO and member of the Board of Directors until 2011. Since then, the Swiss internet pioneer and entrepreneur has been a member of Scout24’s Board of Directors and has helped Scout24 achieve its position as the leading Swiss network of online marketplaces. Daniel Grossen owns investment firm Grossen Invest AG, serves on various boards and invests in a range of exciting companies in the fintech, online/blockchain and property sectors.
Marc Walder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Scout24 Schweiz AG, comments: «As a digital thought leader, Daniel Grossen revolutionised the classified ad market with the establishment of Scout24 and rapidly developed the company into the leading network of online marketplaces in Switzerland. Even after stepping back from the operational side of the business, he continued to make a substantial contribution to the development of Scout24 Schweiz AG as a member of the Board of Directors. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to thank Daniel Grossen for his outstanding specialist support and the long-standing and trusting collaboration.»
Together with Daniel Grossen, Roelof Konterman will also leave the Board of Directors of Scout24 Schweiz AG. Born in the Netherlands, he held various roles during more than 30 years at insurer Achmea, most recently as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board. He serves on the boards of insurer Interamerican Greece, Erasmus University Medical Center and medical supplier Medux in the Netherlands.
«With his considerable expertise in the insurance industry and as a proven leader, Roelof Konterman has played a significant part in shaping the company in his five years on Scout24’s Board of Directors. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of Scout24 Schweiz AG, I would like to thank Roelof Konterman for his constructive collaboration and wish him all the best in his future personal and professional endeavours,» says Marc Walder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Scout24 Schweiz AG.
The AutoScout24, FinanceScout24, ImmoScout24, MotoScout24 and anibis.ch brands will be retained as independent brands on the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG platform. Marc Walder and Michèle Rodoni will join Lothar Lanz (Chairman), Jörn Nikolay, Olivier Rihs and Pietro Supino on the Board of Directors of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications

About SMG Swiss Marketplace Group

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG is an innovative network of online marketplaces and a leading European digital company that simplifies people’s lives with pioneering products. SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG provides its customers with the best tools to make their life choices. The portfolio includes real estate (immoscout24.ch, homegate.ch, ImmoStreet.ch, home.ch, Acheter-Louer.ch), automotive (autoscout24.ch, motoscout24.ch, Car For You), general marketplaces (anibis.ch, tutti.ch, Ricardo.ch) and finance and insurance (financescout24.ch). The company is owned by TX Group AG (31%), Ringier AG (29.5%), la Mobilière (29.5%) and General Atlantic (10%).
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Ringier AG is an innovative, digitalised and diversified Swiss media company operating in Europe, Asia and Africa. Its portfolio includes around 110 subsidiaries in the print, digital media, radio, ticketing, entertainment and e-commerce sectors and leading online marketplaces for cars, property and jobs. As a venture capital provider, Ringier supports innovative digital start-ups. Ringier, a family company founded in 1833 as a publishing house and printing plant, has invested consistently in digitalisation and global expansion in recent years. In 2020, the company’s some 6.800 employees, operating in 18 different countries, generated revenues of 953.7 million CHF. Today, 69 per cent of its operating profit already comes from digital, where Ringier is a leader among European media companies. Ringier’s core values are independence, freedom of expression and a pioneering spirit.
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Every third household and every third company in Switzerland is insured with la Mobilière. As of 31 December 2020, the all-lines insurer had a premium volume of approximately CHF 4.1 billion. Eighty independent general agencies with their own claims services provide cover to some 2.2 million customers at about 160 locations.
In its home markets of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, la Mobilière has about 5,900 employees and 338 apprenticeships. Established as a cooperative in 1826, la Mobilière is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland. The Board of Directors of Schweizerische Mobiliar Genossenschaft ensure that the cooperative orientation of the group is maintained.